Victoria’s Phenomacon or Vancouver’s Geektopia – Oh, the Choices, the choices!

Two new conventions have popped up and they hope to make an impression. On Vancouver Island is Phenomacon and on the mainland is Geektopia.

Pacific Northwest Conventions and BigfootThe Canadian side of the Pacific Northwest is going to be busy with two brand-new one-day shows on July 6th. Phenomacon and Geektopia look great for what the organizers plan on to attract locals to attend than from all over the province, country or otherwise. It’s more about friends getting together to have fun and perhaps making new ones. Cosplay will be big for both because its the mainstay for many a show, and prizes are to be awarded.

When considering Anime Expo is also this weekend, even those who aren’t able to travel far to partake in some geekery can find something nearby instead and make it home the same day!

The following is a description of what to expect.

Phenomacon Convention BannerLocation:
Juan de Fuca
Recreation Centre
1767 Island Hwy.
Victoria, BC

9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This no-frills event for the Greater Victoria area is spotlighting local talent and nerdy offerings than anything else. Chris Gensey the Duke Skookum of Skookum Props and Armour is a maker and hobbyist, Obsessive Costume Design is a husband and wife cosplay duo and Kai Anderson (Sheikah Knight Cosplay) is local to Langford. They’ll talk about why they enjoy their craft and show others how to get into this hobby too. In addition to a few local clubs showing their wares, board games, video games and a bit of shopping are to be expected under one roof!

People can find plenty of vehicular parking at the venue for those coming in from the highway. Public transit (The #50 Langford/Downtown is the most convenient and the stop is the Colwood Exchange) does not take people directly to the spot. It’s a walk up and down the hill.

Geektopia Vancouver Fan & Comic Convention BannerLocation:
Harbour Convention Centre
760 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver B.C.

Geektopia wants to differ from all other events. It’s not about the corporate run milk the fans for all the money they got. Instead, they are far more vocal in terms of charities to support. They are synced up with the Amanda Todd Legacy to lend their voice to end bullying.

The event wants to offer educational opportunities for fans to dive deeper into their cherished interests by holding seminars, panels, open gaming and cosplay events with prize-support that will help further their interest.

It’s run by fans for fans and has a terrific guest line up which showcases the people working in the industry and living in Vancouver. This city is ripe with opportunities and communities not only in the film industry but also in comic book creation. The arts are big here. Amongst the many names who will present are production artist extraordinaire, John Gallagher and first voice artist of Sailor Moon Tracey Moore. In the Canadian side of the animation industry, she is George Shrinks and the founder of KRE8 Studios, a new school to help talents innovate.

Also, Ty Wood, who plays Austin “Vector” Carter in ReBoot: The Guardian Code will be present along with reps from Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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  1. I just wanted to say that the Phenomacon show is also for-fans-by-fans. And while the 50 drops you across the street from the Juan de Fuca rec centre, calling it a brisk walk is a bit of a stretch. Leaving the venue, the 50 is actually right on the property :)

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