The Vintage Tempest’s Most Anticipated Films of 2019

2 Jan

Image result for scary tales to tell in the dark movieScary Stories to Tell in the Dark

August 9

Guillermo del Toro never fails to co-write or adapt a work that I have yet to have no interest in. This talent is behind the adaptation of Alvin Schwartz‘s trilogy of books and working with Dan & Kevin Hageman (LEGO Ninjago, Trollhunters) to create a live-action work which will be a change of pace for the brothers. I have faith they will create an entertaining work which will play with del Toro’s macabre sensibilities.

The announcement made me revisit the original works. They are separate tales and to tie them together will be a feat. The synopsis describes a team of teens investigating a series of murders. They must face their fears (from the books, no doubt) to save their town. While this plot sounds like Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated Inc., I’m certain no pets will be involved.

At the same time, this cinematic take has to take some inspiration from Stephen Gammell‘s artwork which defined the books. Without it, a piece of the appeal for this adaptation will be missing.

No Trailer Available at time of writing

ZombieLand Too

October 11

Ten years is a long time for a sequel to happen, but if the idea is not there, the screenplay will not be written. I love zombie comedies and feel there is not enough out there. The most recent addition is Anna and the Apocalypse and to be original is tough. A Little Bit Zombie holds a special place in my sub-list of must-watch movies of this sub-genre.

To get the original cast together is tough, especially when considering their star meter has been on the rise, and with no details offered, other than a release date, I will be there opening night!

No Trailer Available at time of writing

Image result for jumanji 2

Jumanji 2

\December 13

The reboot of this franchise turned out to be a hit, and with Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” at the helm and returning cast Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan, their story can only get weirder. No plot details are known. I imagine a structure similar to the cinematic version of Chronicles of Narnia. To travel back and forth allows the team to save other trapped individuals in the world of Jumanji.

No Trailer Available at time of writing

Masters of the Universe

December 18

Yes, I remember the lamented 80’s work starring Dolph Lundgren and I loved the animation; it helped teach kids good values to live by. The problem was more so with the script than the characters. Adam and Aaron Nee, who made a well-received indie, Band of Robbers, are in charge. While not a lot of information is revealed for this story, some fans may be up in arms over one critical change reported by Bloody Disgusting (click to read, if you want to hear spoilers).

Plenty of resource material is available from Dark Horse Comics about the official canon. Whether or not this work will be part of it remains to be seen, but to imagine this film with current effects technology will certainly overshadow the dated film. I’m hopeful for a better look at the mysteries behind Castle Grayskull.

No Trailer Available at time of writing


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