When Stranger Things #4 Arrives to Soothe the Savage Beast

2 Jan

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Release Date: Jan 2nd

The last issue of Dark Horse Comics’ Stranger Things brings to close Will’s journey in the Upside Down. The terror gets hairy for this lad’s journey, and he goes into that comfortable place he invented for himself–into the realms of Dungeons and Dragons–to stay safe. No, we are not talking about the cartoon series from the 80s, but rather the game he’s played with friends. Just how he managed to stay sane is one for psychiatrists to answer, but for viewers, to understand what he went through is a satisfying read.

The artwork by the team of Stefano Martino, Keith Champagne, and Lauren Affe take on a different tone as we step into Will’s imagination. His imaginary realm is dreamlike, colourful (some people dream in greys) and etheric. I love how the watercolours contrast to how the Upside Down looks. This brightness is the only sign of salvation for the boy. However, as readers know he brought something back, the danger has not gone away. This tale is seen through his eyes, and what he sees, from time to time, is not always good. But at least we understand it.

As a companion piece, this miniseries is good to keep me sated until the July 4th release of the series. It is worth rereading to see if there are any clues to hint at what’s still to come then already revealed in season two. A trade paperback will no doubt follow around March or April of this year.


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