Top 25 SNES Games of All Time. Dreaming in Digital’s Conclusion

2 Nov

A Link to the Past

22: The Legend of Zelda:
A Link to the Past (1992, Nintendo)

I’ve referred to many of games in this list as ‘legendary’, and this one is one of the most deserving. A strong contender for one of the greatest games of all time, the third game in the Legend of Zelda game is still one of it’s best. . . With the exception of Mario, The Legend of Zelda is arguably Nintendo’s most famous series, and A Link to the Past is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the series in its 2D top-down entries.

The opening sets the stage for the grand journey ahead of the main character, Link. The princess of Hyrule, Zelda has been imprisoned by an evil wizard named Agahnim, and Link has to set out to free her from the dungeon of the castle. Where did Agahnim come from? How can link stop his evil from spreading across the land? Rescuing Zelda is only the first step in this story that lays the foundation of gameplay and lore that the entire Zelda series has been building on to this day.

After experimenting with a side-scrolling platformer with the second Zelda title on the NES, this third entry in the series goes back to the overhead perspective of the original NES game. More items, enemies, and puzzles for the player to encounter. The twisted realm of the Dark World was also introduced. This twisted mirror of the game’s world effectively doubled the size of the game, offering a heavily altered reflection of Link’s world that’s already been conquered and overrun by the forces of darkness.

What more needs to be said? This is a must play for everyone who enjoys gaming, and is also a fantastic starting point for any gamers who are considering a trip to the lands of Hyrule. This is one legend that does not disappoint.

The Japanese commercial for Zelda 3 is an absolute treat to watch for all the wrong reasons. Damn the 90’s were weird.

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