Top 25 SNES Games of All Time. Dreaming in Digital’s Conclusion

2 Nov

2020: Super Street Fighter 2 (1994, Capcom)

Where would the fighting game scene be today without Street Fighter 2? it’s hard to say for sure, but Street Fighter 2 defined what made for a good one-on-one fighting game in the early 90’s, and has influenced virtually every single fighting game made to this day! It’s spawned countless comic books, animated series, and even two live-action films! (Watch Van Dam’s for the extreme cheesy fun, avoid the Legend of Chun Li like the plague)

Considering that the original Street Fighter was not a good game by any standard, it’s sheer ambition convinced Capcom to gamble on a sequel with refined gameplay and a colorful cast of characters. SF2 was so successful that over time, the game was continually refined and expanded from its original form. Adding combos, characters, speed, attacks, and better art with each iteration of the game, all of which are now available in the recently released Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

Three of these variants were released on the Super Nintendo with Super Street Fighter 2 being the last one. It’s the most enhanced release available to the 16-bit hardware of the era and offers remastered voices and music along with 16 characters and stages to choose from, more than any version of Street Fighter 2 on the market. 256 possible matches made for a lot of replays and the 6 button arcade controls translated well to the Super Nintendo controllers. if you wanted to play on the Sega Genesis you were forced to deal with an inferior presentation as well as the purchase of a non-standard 6-button controller which, while beneficial in several games, was not included with the console at the time.

Iconic characters and special moves, a rocking soundtrack, responsive controls and smooth gameplay made Street Fighter into a powerhouse that’s still dominating the fighting game scene to this day. It’s well worth trying out on the Super Nintendo if just to see how well it was ported from the arcades back in the day. And while some people point out that Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES (included on the North American SNES Classic) had a better balance between the characters, I prefer the bigger variety that Super SF2 offered with four more characters.

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