It’s Supernatural! (Highlights from Creation Con in Bellevue)

Sunday had the fewest panels. The morning had a Gold ticket holder only panel with Jared and Jensen. Since I am on a budget that does not include a $1000.00 USD golden pass, I had the morning off to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and lounging in the lobby time, watching people go by.

Mark Pelligrino (Lucifer) returned for his second panel. His tone was the same as Saturday. One question asked if he ever read the script with his evil deeds outlined and thought, “Damn Luci, that’s cold.” Mark quickly replied with “Mmmmm, No.” He did go on to say that he tries to envision his character as being right for the right reasons. He has definitely changed the meaning of “I Love Luci” for Supernatural fans.


Ruth Connell spoke briefly about the charity she supports—My Hope Chest—and had a bag full of hotel toiletries from the hotel to give to the fans asking questions. I have never seen rewards given for questions, and it was oddly funny. Ruth is Scottish, as is my family. The Scots are known to be thrifty. She said she took them from her room and did not think she could get them on the plane. I like to think that is the Scottish in her coming through. She also had butterfly wings to promote their cause. She would do her silly walk to make them flap. She would engage a fan by asking “What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you want?” in a fairly ominous tone. Prank are apparently common on the set, and she told the story of how she had gotten 2000 leftover Misha Collins calendars from Creation, and (with Alaina helping) put them all over Mark Sheppard‘s (Crowley) trailer. They were in the toilet, shower, and all over walls. Ruth said that every molecule of the trailer had been covered.

She was the main reason I went to his year’s convention. She was also able to give some insight on the secrets behind a few of the show’s props. She said, “They use lube for holy water.” It brings the splashing on to cast members in a whole new light.

I did not see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the headliners, until later that Sunday. Their banter was as you would expect from two people who’ve been working closely together for over a decade. It is the reason the show is going into season 14. Avoided at this show was Scoobynatural which was to air on TV days after. My favorite questions asked was “If your wives were here, what bad habits would you say you have?” Jensen immediately pops up with “None” while Jared said, “How much time you got? We’re going to be here all day.”

Jensen says it would be the way he gets ready for bed. He says he does things “mechanically and loudly, like working in a bar” a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail. I’m sure it is not the picture the Dean Girls would think of. Jared said he has two. At home, he leaves the doors open when he goes outside to take out the trash, etc. A valid complaint, especially in Texas where snakes can come in. He says when they’re traveling, he will not pay $30.00 to wash a pair of shorts after he goes to the gym. He showers with them on to wash them and hang them up all over the bathroom. If his wife packs, she will pack them with actual clean clothes, which in turn annoys Jared. Jensen adds a Jared pet peeve of his own. When Jared goes into Jensen’s trailer, he’ll remove his gum and leave his it on the countertop near the door until he leaves. Then he takes it and continues chewing it. When asked why he does that, Jared says it is because he isn’t done with it. Definitely, an “EW” moment Jared claims gum is better when exposed to oxygen. I’ll have to take your word for that Jared. These are two definitely relatable people instead of two heart-throb to swoon over on TV.

As an uber fan of Supernatural, I had a great time even on a budget. Sure, I didn’t splurge on the photo ops, or the meet and greets. I enjoyed the panels and mingling with people. Word on the street suggests this event is the last for this township. I’d happily go to another one, if only it wasn’t so far from home.

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