It’s Supernatural! (Highlights from Creation Con in Bellevue)

13 Apr

ladies of spn 2 (3)

The following panel on the schedule had three of the women from Supernatural but instead brought out all five. Kim Rhodes, Lisa Berry, Ruth Connell (Rowena), Rachel Miner, and surprise guest Alaina Huffman (Abbadon) were all on stage reminiscing about the show. Lisa discussed her fangirl moments when first coming on the set to work; she’s been a fan for years. She let out a huge scream probably like most of the girls in the audience would do if they were in her place. From the audience, one individual asked them if they could play a demon who would they choose? Kim chimed in with “Besides Castiel?” Rachel gave her a knowing look at said, “She said ‘Demon or Angel.'” Ruth said she would be Lucifer, Alaina and Lisa said they would be Meg, Rachel said that Meg had the best one-liner (but did not give her favorites). Rachel said she would be Rowena.

I was disappointed that the panel time was not extended to accommodate the extra cast members. Only a few fans could ask questions. I hope in future conventions, they make it more than an hour for that many panelists. Ruth even teased that they were answering question number three while they were more than halfway through the panel time.

An intermission took place so those gold and silver pass holders can get autographs. Once that was over, it was time for weekend hosts, Rob Benedict (Chuck), Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel) and Matt Cohen to cheer the crowd with their stories. Rob often mentions that their time on stage is not scripted. Richard went on to prove that by going on a tangent about crack that I think no one knows how it got there, and why it went to his character (spoilers avoided) having a crack in his butt. Very juvenile and very hilarious, but I will confess not as funny as last year’s Dick Chat. What started off as a random remark on Friday as Richard taking over Creation’s social media turned in to “Dick Chat” instead of Snap Chat. It was a running gag all weekend (and is available on YouTube still). They’re always a hoot when they are all together.

They were a good warm-up for Misha Collins (Castiel). This year, his old college roommate was in attendance. It was great hearing stories from them. They recalled the time when Misha had some yams that were getting old and needed to be eaten. He bet his roommates that he could not eat all 10 of them in 10 minutes. $50.00 was eventually wagered. Sadly, it was obvious he would not finish them. At the end of the time, he bet double or nothing that he could drink the bottle of apple cider vinegar. He thought it was a sure bet. But, in combination with a stomach full of yams, only led to a quick vomit on the kitchen floor. This brought a mixed reaction from the audience. Most near me went “ew,” but I was in the laughing contingent.

They also mentioned Misha’s courtship with his wife. He recalled the time when his wife told her parents she was spending the night with her new friend Misha, neglecting to mention he was a he. Since his name does imply a feminine name, they gave permission. Of course, they were unhappy once they met him. Misha is as funny as all his videos posted on social media.

Later that night was a concert, “Saturday Night Special” with the house band, Louden Swain, and their frontman Rob Benedict. Guests from Friday and Saturday also came out to sing. Lisa Berry was in the crowd. Billie was introduced to the show with her singing voice. Her performance was very much anticipated and sang “Proud Mary” that would make anyone proud. While nervous at first, she was brilliant. Alaina sang “You’re so Vain” very well and Matt Cohen hopped on stage for, “Joker and the Thief.” He has such a nice singing voice and I am sure it did the song justice. These were all interspersed with Swain, all sung by Rob. Towards the end, the guest stars ran into the audience around the rows. I got to high-five Alaina and Lisa.

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