It’s Supernatural! (Highlights from Creation Con in Bellevue)


By Sandy Sheehan (Guest Post)
(Photos used with Permission and are copyright)

Creation Entertainment is best known for hosting and having exclusive guests from certain television shows, namely Xena, Warrior Princess and Star Trek. I have been to a handful of The Next Generation events back when they were young and they have come a long way from simply spotlighting one or two stars and showing a blooper reel. These days, they are focussing on Supernatural, Riverdale and Stranger (to name a few). This for-profit company differs from most other similar events and non-profit conventions such that it tours. Most casual fans are turned off by the high price of a pass, and it is tiered (the more you pay, the better access you get). Unlike non-profit conventions, the vendor area (at least at the Seattle conventions) are minuscule, except, for the huge tables full of photos to be signed and some fandom related items.

Since they currently have the monopoly on Sam and Dean Winchester from The CW’s Supernatural, I have been to the last two they had in Seattle, WA (technically it was Bellevue). Plenty of fans go this show multiple times, and the consensus is that Seattle was the best, mostly due to the smaller size.

The events typically start from Thursday (some add-ons, like a tour of the city with the convention hosts and a PJ Party, take place on these extra days) and last through Sunday. Panels start on Friday. This year, they did not get going until early afternoon. Rachel Miner (Meg 2) is a fan favorite and convention regular despite not being in the show recently. She was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, and it has impacted her ability to walk. That hasn’t dampened her spirit; she was especially ecstatic a ramp up to the stage was put on. She could ride her scooter right up to it rather than, like last year, be helped up the steps. Her enthusiasm was infectious and a great way to start. My row neighbor got up and mentioned that he worked for a place called “The Pizza Man.” Fan of the show will understand the salacious reference. Rachel said, “So that makes you the pizza man?” As quick as you like, he replied, “I could teach you a thing or two.” Everyone, including Rachel, roared with laughter.

Supernatural Con

She was followed by the British Men of Letters, Adam Fergus (Mick) and David Haydn-Jones (Ketch). They make a great duo, especially when Adam would eagerly ask the fan for a question and frequently for David, he would throw his hands up in an exaggerated way that was delightful. One asked if they could be anything in Supernatural, what would they be. David said he would like to be a “totally goth emo vampire,” since he was into New Wave when he was 13-15. He said his hair would be a crisscrossed in the back and a big wave of unmoving hair would cover one eye (a la Flock of Seagulls). He didn’t use words to describe it, but instead, put his hand over his face like it was his hair. He said he might have to post it. His Twitter feed does not yet show a young emo David. Adam said he would be Castiel but would like to play Lucifer since he has been garnering a mean streak since [his character’s] execution.

They were followed by Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills) and Lisa Berry (Billie). It was Lisa’s convention debut as a stand-in for Briana Buckmaster had to cancel at the last moment. Kim brought on a plush powdered doughnut in place of Brianna, and Kim answered questions as the doughnut. One fan asked Lisa if now that Billie’s new character direction (avoiding spoilers here) would have her eating junk food like her predecessor. Kim picked up the doughnut and in a high-pitched attempt at ventriloquism said “No Doughnuts!”

Friday nights are “famous” because of the karaoke nights with the stars. Fans can sign up to sing on stage and the entire audience was thankful that I declined to even try to get chosen for a song. I might be a rock star at home, but nowhere else. Each year, there is a theme for the Karaoke night and this year was “Car Tunes.” Host Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) was dressed as Speed Racer. Kim Rhodes was Kim Possible, complete with a little-naked mole rat in her pants pocket. I was enchanted. My row neighbor again brought down the house with his rendition of a Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (if I recall correctly).

On Saturday, Mark Pellegrino started the party in good spirits, Unlike last year’s convention, he was not quite in his A-game. He is fond of philosophy, and responded to some questions from the fans with a deeper thought, even when the questions were light-hearted. While I enjoy this as a roundtable discussion, it wouldn’t be my first choice while I’m trying to vacation from real life. Thankfully, another individual asked about his dogs, and I was a bit disappointed he didn’t take that as his cue to bring them on stage. I am an avid dog lover and was missing my pet all weekend.

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