Some Fans Strongly Want A Disney’s Gargoyles Reboot, But…

Should Disney’s Gargoyles be given a reboot? Some fans are against, and others just want a continuation.

Disney's GargoylesThe past few years have shown fond properties remade for a new generation. Duck Tales was one which started broadcasting last year. Now into its second season, Ben10 is going strong. Over the long weekend, ReBoot started streaming on Netflix (USA & other regions other than Canada). Coming later this year is yet another iteration of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also on the list is Invader Zim, Muppet Babies and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

In a random conversation with fellow older geeks, one pal suggested TailSpin ought to be next. I feel not every show from Disney Afternoon can make that comeback. If Darkwing Duck can appear in Duck Tales, could a spin-off be coming? My show was Rescue Rangers and it was the reason why I never got any homework done (until much later in the day). Gargoyles was also part, and the team behind crafting this fantastic series did a wonderful job. Not only did it tug at many literary allusions but it also pulled from various mythologies to craft a world that was steeped in folklore. Some were in plain sight, watching the ongoing trials of man, and others preferred to remain in secrecy.

Released over the holiday weekend is a fan trailer recreating a few moments from the opening sequence of Gargoyles. This CGI treatment shows the technology is here to bring this show to the next level. Some shots are from New York City proper, and others are digital. The blend worked very well. However, to nail the perfect voice-over is hard; I kept on wanting to hear Keith David’s voice instead of this poor man’s version. This product is a fan film. I had to disengage some filters. This tease ultimately worked. I pulled out my DVDs and started watching the series again .

If I had to voice one concern, that’s with who can play the roles of Goliath, Lexington, Hudson, Brooklyn, and Broadway? Motion capture technology has come a long way since the 90’s. I imagine Andy Serkis getting involved somehow. The concern of how close filmmaker Carlos Ferrer will follow the mythology (pardoning the pun) set in stone since the series inception is minuscule. He clearly has a love for the show. While he has years of experience in the field, he’s an unknown in the Hollywood scene.

In a press release, he said, “I need as many views as possible to convince producers and execs that my vision of a live-action Gargoyles film will work for audiences and fans. It’s a rich story with a great message — a fantasy set in the real world and with today’s technology it could be fantastic. I grew up with this so I feel like I really know what has to be done. So it’s really about getting as much exposure as possible with the fans and others who may not know about the show.”

Ferrer’s passion for movie making began at the age of sixteen, and studied Film at SUNY Purchase College, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts & Film. His credits include the 2016 film Retina and the short film The Popcorn Man. Whether he’s the right man to pull off this reimaging, if not a reboot of a beloved franchise, or not, this video trailer shows his obvious passion for it.

Author: Ed Sum

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