Debugging Lenovo + Disney’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

25 Jan

While the fights dealing with the peons (Stormtroopers and the like) offer the most rewarding moments, the other battles where the game tells you where to position the saber and how to swing is not. The battles with Darth Maul and the other bosses do not necessarily offer a realistic fight. When compared to Trials on Tatooine VR, I prefer this demo.

I suspect the best solution to fix the sword bending issue can be corrected if the light up cap on the hilt is made longer. The camera may not be seeing it all the time. An alternative idea is to have two points of light at least four inches apart to provide tracking a straight line. The troubleshooter in me thinks this problem happens because the stub disappears from the tracking camera’s field of view.

142110 vr hands on lenovo star wars jedi challenges games image2

The headset where these extra eyes are located fits very nicely over my head. I look like Boushh. I do not recommend playing this game on wooden floors which tends to be reflective and when wearing a brightly coloured shirt. To see either through the nose pad or lens is distracting. A dark carpet or dimly lit room is preferred.

Fortunately, this trip to the Dark Side does not mean players will turn Sith. However, to become a Jedi will require patience. Each level increases in difficulty. To learn the ways of the Force, players will have to depend on the lightsaber to activate Force abilities. The first ability one learns is the Force Push and I naturally wanted to use my hand instead of pressing a button. This problem can be fixed with the game offering object recognition. To offer a pair of light up gloves is most likely too much, but to suggest players buy a white glove (and put reflective tape on) can help.

While I have not progressed far enough in the game to find out if I can use more than one ability, I am fairly sure this option does not exist. I doubt this company will provide a version Microsoft’s Kinect to recognize motions from the body. The game can be programmed to recognize sudden shifts with the motion sensor to have players leap for real. This hardware has the potential to be used with other AR games if Lenovo decides to release a software development kit.

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