10 Most Anticipated Animated Films for 2018

Dajjal (The Slayer and His Followers)

Not every title will be perfect for younger audiences to follow. While the producers promise this piece will appeal to all communities and cultures world-wide, the appeal comes from the image of Satan being presented as pages of the Hebrew Bible are being flipped. Just what this image of the adversary means will require this movie to be carefully examined for the messages writer/director Abrar Rana wishes to impart.

The world is at war, the Middle East is a complete militarized zone. Just what that means is unclear but the inter-titles suggest the coming of a new Messiah. There are moments where the politics of Resident Evil (namely the Umbrella Corporation ) are referenced. This film rounds out the list as the parable is meant to show how all of humanity can finally come together to get along. No confirmed release date is offered.

Author: Ed Sum

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