[Electronic Bungalow] Sleep Tech Japanese Style!

Sleep Tech Japanese Style!By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Anyone looking for a new way to fall asleep does not have to buy into those late-night scams they see on television. MyPillow is very dubious at best. I’m fairly sure I put my head on one during one hotel stay in the States and I believe getting into that zone to achieving REM sleep requires more than comfort for the head, but also in how much physical activity an individual had during the day (regular exercise is recommended), setting in the bedroom and mood.

Enter Sleepion 2, a piece of technology created in Japan combining sound and light therapy with aromatherapy to crafting an environment to help people reach a state where one alternative approach can not. It’s a sleep aid that’s supposed to be able to help folks reprogram their natural biorhythms. I have used the smell of lavender, changed the light bulbs to use red light and binaural sounds before to help me on those difficult nights. Though they do not always work on its own, perhaps combining each of these alternative methods can do a better job, since sleeping pills never work for me.

Those folks wired to fall asleep the instant their head hits a pillow are at an advantage and I’m always jealous of their ability. Those whose day-night cycles have changed because of their jet-setting ways, late night binges in front of the computer either give up or just go with the flow of how their body rhythms have altered. Chronic suffers are best advised to see a doctor or neurologist, but for the rest of us like me, I’m thinking of contributing to Cheero USA’s Kickstarter campaign.

Their promotional video is purposely directed to look like one of those commercials you see on late-night television. It’s humorous and yes, I don’t mind getting cozy with the female narrator too. It gets to the point of showing lack of sleep will lead to problems in the workplace. A well rested individual is required in order to function every day.

On Health.com, sleep psychologist Michael Brueus, PhD, suggests red light aids melatonin production. Sleepion 2 interestingly activates a tri-coloured light (close to the same spectrum) to calm the senses.

Sleepion 2 is an upgrade to this company’s former product. Version one is a large U shaped device which does the same thing and version two is compact. Both are successful Kickstarter campaigns. A few days remain for contributing. But for those who can not contribute right away can keep their eyes on Cheerousa.com for when it goes on sale. Pre-orders may begin late Summer for delivery in Autumn.

Author: Ed Sum

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