There’s Sid-Nerdary by the Sea Starting This Month!

5061187072 bc9a5e3cb2By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

During the month of May to June, the township of Sidney, BC will be the destination for many a superhero and fans hoping for a sighting. From fun activities to exhibits to guest lectures, no stone is going to be left unturned, and most of the work is being done without the assistance from the Incredible Hulk. Both Marvel and DC heroes are represented in a look at close to 80 years of comic book history. The Sidney Museum is leading the charge with an exhibit that will span the two months. Most of the township is involved, and the following calendar shows where events will take place.

Up, Up and Away!
Comic Books & Our Culture
Sidney Museum
2423 Beacon Ave
May 3 – June 27

This exhibit promises to show a history of the medium with displays of classic works and show the evolution of many of today’s favourite heroes. The big three from DC will certainly be there, but will there be more? Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are the trailblazers from this company, but for Marvel Comics, is it just Spider-Man? Or has Wolverine finally been put out to pasture because of this year’s movie, Logan? Hard to say, but maybe this exhibit might offer clues as to who the next generation of heroes will be.

1040 nanaimo n library 4362Star Wars Day
Vancouver Island Regional Library
North Saanich Branch

10091 Resthaven Dr.
May 6, 10:30-11am

Technically, this celebration should take place May 4th, but most youths will be in school. The 501st Legion will be there to recruit entertain the masses with photo opportunities and discussions on their plans for … well, there’s no easy way to talk about what they do. They’ll be there to show their best colours!

Create Your Own Comic Book
McTavish Academy of Art
1720 McTavish Rd
(pre-registration required)
May 6 – 27

This four week intensive will teach budding creators how to develop a comic-book from scratch. From character design, layouts and telling a story, all the necessities will be outlined so a new generation of heroes can emerge. Plus, students have the opportunity to display their work at the Sidney Museum.

Is There a Superhero in You?
Vancouver Island Regional Library
North Saanich Branch

10091 Resthaven Dr.
June 2, 2-3pm

University of Victoria Professor Paul Zehr will be talking about the genetics behind what defines a superhero. Mutants exist in a different sense in the real world, but those “defects” do not necessarily imbue individuals with psychic or elemental powers. In what this lecturer will discuss is the real world science (and perhaps psychology too) of what makes a hero.

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Superhero Outdoor Movie Night
Greenglade Community Centre
2151 Lannon Way
June 10, 8-10pm

Rain or shine, the Panorama Recreation Center will be hosting this event and play Disney’s Big Hero 6 on their giant inflatable movie screen. This free event includes the popcorn. Just bring your blanket, so you can stay warm during the evening and zoom around the lush green lawns of this center afterwards!

Van Isle Comic Convention
Mary Winspear Centre
2243 Beacon Ave W.
June 11, 10am-8pm

This comic convention will have plenty for nerds from all over Vancouver Island to come enjoy. There will be costume contests, vendors and discussions about all things comic book related. Also, a special guest from Disney Entertainment who worked on the previous night’s film is expected to appear. Folks from up-island can commute down by BC Ferries to the Swartz Bay terminal and take the bus or drive down (both are short).

This event is sponsored by Canada 150, Cherry Bomb Toys, Curious Comics, Fastrac Print & Mail, Legends Comics & Books, McTavish Academy of Art, Mary Winspear Centre, Panorama Recreation, Sidney by the Sea and Superheroes of Victoria.

Author: Ed Sum

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