New Look Promoted in Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime

15 Sep

pokemonsmpromoBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

With the games of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are slated for a November release on the Nintendo 3DS system, it only makes sense there would be an anime to accompany it. Pokémon Sun and Moon anime is coming but the new series takes a departure from Pokémon‘s traditional art style of hard lines and embraces more fluid animation. Of note is Satoshi’s (Ash Ketchum in North America) softer and more youthful appearance. This may suggest a change in animation production company. We can’t seem to find any animation company’s credit on home network TV Tokyo’s Pokémon page, nor can we find a news piece (as of yet) that suggests a change in animation production company, but we suspect Toei is handling this one.

This new series brings the Pokémon adventure to the Alola region where we see Satoshi adjusting to life as a transfer student at a new school.

Have a look at the trailer that premiered on Japanese TV today. We here at Otaku no Culture would love to hear your thoughts.

Source(s): Anime Paw Facebook group.

Video Source(s): PikaFan World.

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