ECCC Brings Farscape’s Chiana to Northwest’s Emerald Capital

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

GigiEdgleyYou don’t have to be a mind reader to know many of Emerald City Comicon’s (ECCC) guests are strategic — many con guests have something to push or promote. A good guest is a busy guest. But the question one has is why is Gigi Edgley here? Edgley played the role of the Nebari Chiana in what is considered one of the greatest science fiction television series of all time, Farscape. The series’ father of creation Rockne S. O’Bannon (Defiance, CW’s Cult) announced in 2014 that a film version of the former SyFy produced series was in development. Where it is now is still in very early stages. One can only hope that Edgley will be here to promote the Farscape film but like any actress in-demand, she has other projects on the go.

Edgley was recently involved with the action packed sci-fi film Nexus. The Indiegogo project directed by Carlos Aldana sees Edgley playing Lucy, a brilliant physicist who discovers a technology to open a physical connection (a nexus) between two different places and between alternate universes. A feature film was penned but due to the need of a higher budget, a short film was produced instead.

Making her home in West Hollywood, California, the native Australian has been active in television on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2007, Edgley was a supporting actress on USA Network’s The Starter Wife. In 2009, she played drama lead Lara Knight for three seasons on Channel 9 Australia’s Rescue Special Ops. 2014 saw Edgley return to Syfy as host of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge — which saw judges Brian Henson, Beth Hathaway, and Kirk Thatcher oversee two competing teams of creature designers as they tried to make puppets and animatronics. Although the series had solid ratings, it wasn’t picked up for a 2nd series.

ECCC Takes place April 7-10, 2016 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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