Warp Speed Ahead for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary USPS Stamp Set

star-trek-postage-stamps-2016By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Update: In a recent press release, USPS will be dedicating these stamps Sept 2, and will officially launch Star Trek: Mission New York just days before the series began airing Sept 8, 1969. They will be available for pre-order during the first week of August at http://usps.com/shop. Collectors can, in the meantime, pick Canada Post’s version here (now available).

Mail in the United States of America can boldly go to where no man has gone before with postage stamps commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, the original series. This release is different when compared to past releases where it’s a painting of either the Enterprise or an image of the principal cast. In this iteration, it gets stylish in a design by Heads of State under the art direction of Antonio Alcalá. The USPS.com website does not have them ready for pre-order yet. When they do, first-day covers and framed versions should be available. An estimated release date is sometime in late Spring / Summer. They should be available before the date when the series came to air on September 8, 1966.

Four designs will soon adorn letters far and wide. I do not see them as accruing in value anytime in the next half century. As an art print, the design looks inspired from Swedish poster art and modern Andy Warhol-esque bold use of colours in this pop art. The colours used are yellow and green (for command positions), blue (for the science divisions) and red (security). The images used are symbolic for everything Star Trek. Included in the design is a crewman being transported away, the Starfleet insignia with the Starship Enterprise warping away, the silhouette of the Enterprise with a planet making up the bridge and the Vulcan salute with the ship orbiting a planet. A story exists when used in sequence to tell the world that we are ready to explore new worlds.

With recent news that the European Space Agency wants a moon colony built by 2030, today’s generation may well see a beginning for a true trek into space.

If past collections of these stamps of popular icons are any indication (Charlie Brown and Batman), prices may be as follows:

  • First Day Covers (Set of 4) $3.75 – $9.95
  • Digital Colour Postmark First Day Covers (Set of 4) $11.95
  • Framed Stamps with First Day of Issue Plague. $19.95 – 39.95

Author: Ed Sum

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