There’s a new Lightsaber Kickstarting, and it’s child-proof!


No die-hard Star Wars fan can be seen without either a lightsaber in their pocket or a Han Solo blaster in their holster especially during a fan gathering. For me, it’s a simple Darth Vader key that I wish would activate for real to melt the build-up of ice on any keyhole so I can get inside. Until that idea surfaces, the choices of lightsabers are limited to what Ultrasaber or Saberforge produces. They create customized hilts for Jedi or Sith to carry. When the illuminated blade element is touted to be durable enough to fight with, eventually through wear-and-tear — and eventual overzealousness of a swing occurs — they will crack and eventually break.

Calimacil Weapons is looking to change all that. They manufacture items safe for Live Action Role Playing (LARP) use and their range of items are not limited to swords, daggers, hockey sticks or crowbars. They have a Kickstarter campaign running until November 30 to build a kid-safe, foam-based lightsaber. With this product, it’s safe to bap people on the noggin, whap them on the knees and stab the blunt end onto skin. A welt is most likely going to form on the latter battle-technique (lightsaber fighting takes its inspiration from Kendo and fencing) but for people who really get into the fighting spirit, none of the other light-up blades can take the pounding that Calimacil is advertising about their product.

Just like the other company’s products, this version comes in a variety of flavours; from sound-boards to emulate the noises made during a fight to options for light, the big difference maker is the ability to program this toy to go multi-coloured or include new effects as the product is updated. The handle design is fairly nice too. The basic design is great for any padawan in training.

I’m sure that after the Kickstarter campaign finished and the company finds the demand to be high, they may offer more customization options. After market ideas include carefully taking apart the item and molding a new housing. With their design, even the most intense Jedi vs Sith duel can be acted out with each person sporting a unique hilt design. Under low light conditions, these blades look nice. Depending on how much money an interested warrior wants to invest, the foam lightsaber is truly an elegant weapon made to represent a civilized age, where no blood is spilt.

This product is expected to become available for mail-order around May 2016. For early birds who want to be involved in the fund-raiser campaign, they can visit the page here.

Author: Ed Sum

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