Trying to Name the 16 Realms in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (Part Two)

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The LEGO animated series universe may well simply consist of 16 realms. In the Ninjago series, three were visited during season five — Chima, The Dark/Cursed Realm, Underworld and Cloud City — and that begs the question of just what does the other realms thematically represent. The immediate assumption, because of the Laval cameo, is that this company’s in-house products are included. While some folks can hope for licensed titles like Harry Potter or Star Wars to be included, that’s not the case. To include other worlds made by other creators brings the count to 20+! In what’s coming, the movie worlds would include:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Back to the Future (coming to LEGO Dimensions)
Ben 10
Bob the Builder
DC Universe (Batman, Justice League)
Disney Princess
Ghostbusters (coming to LEGO Dimensions)
Harry Potter
Indiana Jones
The Lone Ranger
The Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit)
Jurassic World (coming to LEGO Dimensions)
Marvel Universe (Avengers, Spider-Man)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Prince of Persia
Scooby Doo (coming to LEGO Dimensions)
The Simpsons (coming to LEGO Dimensions)
Speed Racer
SpongeBob SquarePants
Star Wars
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Thomas the Tank Engine
Toy Story
Wizard of Oz (coming to LEGO Dimensions)

To figure out what belongs in this official count can make for a fun game. In what’s recognized in the canon is the Underworld and Dark Realm. It’s my belief the Dark Realm and Cursed is one in the same. And they can’t disappear in a puff of magic or whiffed out by an underwater ravine when considering how season five finished. In what’s left, can LEGO enthusiasts count on exclusive properties to be part of the realm list? Some of them may be counted. The Chima appearance was a great nod to let fans know that Laval and gang are not forgotten.


To go down the list of LEGO related video products in the past, the world of Atlantis, Clutch Powers, Elves, Friends, Hero Factory, Ultra Factory, Speed Champions and the Movie (Dimensions) might figure into this world. From this list, only Atlantis makes the best sense at it can figure prominently to the concept the Ninjago series has fixed: each of the heroes represent an elemental power, and three of them, the ghost world, water world and air (cloud) world are represented.

Just what does series writers Dan and Kevin Hageman have planned next? Although they say they are part of a writing team that generates the scripts for the series, they have been the most active of contributors. As season six has come to a fitting close, with barely a hint of what’s to come next save for Cloud City, it might be possible that the team will go explore new realms. The only tease that’s reported by is that the lanyards featuring the jolly roger are handed out and that the ninjas may be on the run. Where ever Kai, Lloyd, Jay, Zane, Cole and Nya are going, it’s a safe bet that new dangers await them. The world has always emphasized an Asian style world where the adventures take place, and to see pirates makes sense. But will they find further adventures under the sea as Nya explores her mastery over the water element?

Author: Ed Sum

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