Bark, Don’t Howl at the Moon, Wolfcop! A Movie Review


Wolfcop is certainly not barking up the wrong tree in its tongue in cheek look at lycanthropy. This Canadian made film by writer/director Lowell Dean has plenty of bite in all the right places with jokes to those in the know and a style straight out of Creepshow. When considering this creature is better known in European folklore, some folks may well be understanding as to why the EU got the video release first.

This UK release is certainly worth importing in when there’s no signs of where to find the wolf in North America. Hopefully more details will emerge as to whether this region one release has the same collection of bonus material as the region two. So far, there’s no indicatations from Image Entertainment if there are any at all. And currently, this movie can be found at select film festivals and it is available for pre-order on Amazon.comWolfcop with a scheduled street date of March 10 2015 in Canada and May 12th in the States, but can anyone wait that long? The hunt for it is strangely appropriate when people think about it.

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Canadians can Howl at the Moon for Crowdfunding Wolfcop’s World Premiere

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Wolfcop Poster

Fans of horror can howl at the moon to help bring Wolfcop to theatres. For now, it’s set to make its presence at Fan Expo Vancouver, April 18th to 20th, with sneak previews from parts of the movie. Director Lowell Dean (13 Eerie), Makeup FX artist Emersen Ziffle (Curse of Chucky) and Wolfcop actor Leo Fafard (Hungry Hills, I ♥ Regina) will be on site to answer any burning questions fans may have for this film, and to strike a few poses in between! This will also be the first chance for fans to purchase the golden ticket – a guaranteed seat to see this film when it makes its theatrical premiere, which is still to be determined.

Special “transformations” (a panel discussion) will take place April 18 6pm -7pm; April 19 1-2PM and April 20 1-2 pm during this show. This wolf will trot on over to Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and Fan Expo Regina next before it hits select theatres in Canada on June 6, 2014.

An Indiegogo campaign will then follow to help build awareness for this film as it makes its globe-trotting debut at film festivals in the coming months.

Details are still forthcoming for US distribution. But interest has been high and it should get a distributor in May!

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