Kipo’s Gotta Wear Shades in the Age of the Wonderbeasts

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When bizarro fantasy meets post-apocalypse, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is an exotic experience punctuated by its musical interludes. The soundtrack is a mix of hip hop and industrial. The songs are actually part of the narrative instead of musical bookends to move the story forward. Music Supervisor Kier Lehman (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and composer Daniel Rojas (Downsizing) have done an incredible job!

I think of this program of reversing an idea presented in Futurama. The mutants went underground and the normals lived in a high-tech world. Reverse this idea and that’s this series in a nutshell.

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Dark Horse Comics to Release Calla Cthulhu Summer 2017!


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

When a webcomic I have not heard of before gets the attention of Dark Horse Comics to publish, I will be callin’ for a preview online. Calla Cthulhu is a digital comic readers have to subscribe to on Stēla (iOS) — a mobile entertainment reader. While not everyone can hop onto every online service out there for their nerdy fixes, to hear some titles are getting a wider distribution makes this fanboy very happy. They are becoming more accessible.

Like other fond favourites which I try to keep up with on the Internet side — Young Lovecraft (sadly it’s finished) and Girl Genius — I find owning a print version better. Being the H.P. Lovecraft fan that I am, to hear about this title coming to print is my dream come true. This latest title influenced by Lovecraft’s work can sit side-by-side with other comics like Littlest Shoggoth and Where’s My Shoggoth? A bigger volume that sits in my comic book section is The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and all of these are recommended reading.

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Graveyard Gang Creator Brings Girl Power to Spin Off Series

graveyardgangBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Just as the the Ghostbusters franchise decided to introduce an all-girl team, so does the all-ages Graveyard Gang webcomic. Rich Clabaugh’s Graveyard Gang consisting of 3 human boys (Sammy ‘Sneezer’ Smith, Preston “Presto” Perkins, Pasquale ‘Buster’ Bonetti), a wolf boy (Lope Coranado) and the gang’s only female member (Marcie McDoogle) have been tangling with ghosts and evil creatures since the comic’s inception in 2012. Since then the comic has added new characters to it’s 1930’s timeline against the backdrop of the coastal town setting of the aptly named Ghostport, Massachusetts.

But now Claubaugh is expanding his webcomic to a new series of adventures following another group of ghostly gumshoes, the Graveyard Girls’ Club. Marcie McDoogle makes the leap from the gang to become part of this girl power group that will include the diverse characters of Cora Kane (introduced in August, 2016), and the debut of newest character Ann Chan. All three girls attend Parochial School in Ghosport. The Group has made their debut in the September 20th issue of “Don’t Mess with Midnight Mary”, based on the real folklore of Midnight Mary a female ghost that supposedly haunts the Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut.

You can view the first page to the debut issue here.

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