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In Victoria, BC VicLUG Builds Comaraderie Step-by-Step

1 Apr
VicLUG Team

(left to right): Joseph Williams, Aaron Dayman and Steve Barker.

Brick by brick, nearly everything in the real world can be recreated with LEGO. These people can come from all woks of life, and it doesn’t matter how young or old they are to start building. “People have varying interests,” said Joseph Williams, spokesperson for the Victoria LEGO Users Group (also known as VicLUG) “I can say I like the Wild West and I want to make it in LEGO.”

Williams often hosts workshops for this club, known as VicLUG. They were formed in the late ’90s because the members—most of which are in their twenties and thirties—had a passion for building with LEGO. Most them have, pardoning the pun, built up a huge libary of spare parts through the many years of constructing and deconstructing themed kits. As they’re torn down, they can be used for new ideas.

“We have people who are architects and engineers,” noted Williams. “That’s primarily the LEGO fan community.”

The toy was invented by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and it is still manufactured in Denmark. Production began in the 40s and nothing has changed since. The concept of interlocking building blocks achieved huge success because of its simplicity—the endless possibilities of what can be made.

“It’s timeless,” said Aaron Dayman, an active member. “Every day, we can find that LEGO’s products are still a top seller.”

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A look at VicLUG. LEGO and Insider Connections:

24 Jul

VicLUG Booth DisplayOtaku no Culture’s own Ed Sum presents a mini-documentary that quickly looks at the history of LEGO and examines what it means to a bring people together. In this production, he profiles a local group, the Victoria Lego Users Group (VicLUG).

This video was made a few years ago as a final video project when he took the (now defunct) Applied Communications Program (Camosun College), and he’s also interviewed the group! The link to that article can read here.


VicLUG Mini-Doc

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