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It’s a Mystery with Atomic Vaudeville’s Cabaret #81

25 Oct


Tickets can be bought on Ticket Rocket here.

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t always mean having to get in touch with the macabre. There’s more to the season than just Rocky Horror and Atomic Vaudeville‘s involvement in the Victoria, BC scene doubled ever since they took on producing Richard O’Brien‘s seminal celebration. Their Halloween cabaret series is just as spectacular and is a local fan favourite. It’s a blend of different entertainment formats–variety show, sketch comedy or burlesque–and is a staple for this garden city.

I wanted to start my celebratory days before the 31st with something different. This year’s theme involving The Quin Twins–Tegan (Kelly Hobson) and Sara (Justine Shore)–solving a bunch of mysteries ala Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew (or is it Hardy Boys since they’re a duo?). This combination was right up my alley! Call me nostalgic, but they hit all the right notes when I saw the posters and enjoyed opening night with wide eyed glee. Part of the reason also included audience participation.

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Variety Sees Green with Muppet Cover

11 Mar

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

KermitOn the March 11, 2014 printed edition of Variety Magazine, a leading publication on the entertainment industry of Hollywood, the star of the day to make the cover is not Leonardo DiCaprio or even Emma Thompson but someone with just as much star power and who has a longer history in the film industry.

He’s the talk of the town, he has a new movie coming out, his girlfriend is one of Hollywood’s biggest pigs, he’s green and he finds it is not easy being so. If you haven’t clued in by now then your child might have, it’s Kermit the Frog and there is alot of excitement buzzing around him (which is a change from flies).

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Library of Congress: 70% of Silent Films Lost

4 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The report by Variety and author Paul Harris certainly brings tears to my eyes as I love classic films, especially the early films by Walt Disney and Georges Méliès. As I grew to love the products from the era, I found a deep appreciation for the films out of Germany, namely The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Metropolis. While some of the best products from what I love from this era have survived to be appreciated by audiences today, there is a whole lot more that, from the sound of this article, is gone for good. I have to wonder what early animation experiments were made back then that is perhaps gone.

The news that not many silent films in their original film stock have survived to this day is not altogether surprising, but the fact that many products from other artists during this time exist anymore is all the more sad. In what this article suggests, hopefully the proposal to repatriation any film deemed “lost” can be found buried at some foreign film archive in Russia or wherever they may be located.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and hopefully, in this case, it means more than just the chemical used to make the film stock. I am hoping it means a concentrated effort in creating a call to arms to search the world’s film vaults for lost treasures (in whatever film format that they are kept in) so that it can get projected to a silver screen just one more time … or by some process to digitize the movie for preservation.

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