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Lisa Wilcox on Alice and The Nightmare on Elm Street (Part Two)

11 Oct

Lisa WilcoxThis unabridged version also appears in the Oct/Nov issue of Absolute Underground Magazine as part of a combined article featuring Lisa Wilcox and Tuesday Knight. Reprinted with permission.

Anyone who has religiously followed the Nightmare on Elm Streetir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0033B5XCS (NoES) franchise will recall that Freddie Kruger is out for revenge. He’s after the children of the parents who killed him, and he is a tough presence to destroy. Add on the spinoffs into comic books, he’ll be around forever and he’s hardly a simple spirit.

In Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, we learn Kruger made a deal with Dream Demons: use fear to feed these malevolent creatures and he can live forever. Fans of the franchise will get to see cast mates from the third and fourth film reunite and talk about their time together at Hex Halloween Expo in Calgary, Alberta–taking place this weekend.

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A ‘Hexing’ time in Calgary with Tuesday Knight & the Nightmare on Elm Street Gang (Part One)

9 Oct
Tuesday Knight

Appearing at Hex Calgary, Oct 11 to 15th!

Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox are just a part of the massive team of ‘Dream Warriors’ from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise that’ll be appearing at Hex Calgary. This first annual event is already huge with a guest lineup spanning different eras of horror entertainment in film, music and much more. Together, with Robert Englund, Andras Jones, Brooke Bundy, Brooke Thiess and Danny Hassel (to name a few) are just part of the line-up of guests under this banner and the panel is sure to be spectacular, now matter how you slice it.

However, for these two leading ladies, they are the heroines. In the movie, it was a passing of the torch from one Master/Mistress of Dreams to another to defeat Freddie Krueger. The relationship they shared on screen and off was unique. In the real world, they are business partners in a jewelry firm and they are also reuniting for The Bloody Man, a new horror film which pays tribute to all that’s bloody iconic from the 80’s.

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