Getting Tromatized with Lloyd Kaufman, An Interview

Lloyd Kaufman and his studio are here for making art. He said, “We want to make a film that people will really be impressed with.”

Lloyd Kaufman PosterGetting to talk to Lloyd Kaufman, the cheerleader for Troma Entertainment, is a treat for this journalist. He’s very knowledgeable about the industry and he has more than 40 years of experience in entertaining the masses. One of his long-standing philosophies in life is to share what he knows and not play with the evil conglomerates. His work in the independent B-movie scene is well-respected, and perhaps the best way to summarize his thoughts is in what he said, “We’re all friends of the underground and it’s very important to help develop each other’s well-being.”

That not only in reference to lifestyle changes needed to emotionally succeed but also in how he conducts business at Tromaville, or rather, Troma central. When considering all that he’s experienced in his road to recognition and the fact the Toxic Avenger franchise put Troma Entertainment on the map, people are asking what’s next? The big question is in what’s happening about the big screen treatment that’s been limping along in development. Sadly, Kaufman is not in the loop with every detail. He notes that Steve Pink is a fervent supporter of Troma products and that a script exists. Kaufman knows that the product is in very capable hands and when it does go into production, he will have a cameo in it much like how he appeared in Guardians of Galaxy, directed by James Gunn (also a supporter since Troma was where he got his start).

Kaufman is very happy that a handful of films his company produced do have moguls in Hollywood interested. Just when it will arrive will depend on the ultimate thing that even plagues this business: where’s the money? Until that comes, Troma Movies has a YouTube Channel offering 250 of their films for free and lessons in how to get into the film industry.

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