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The Matt Hatter Chronicles Cinema’s Greatest Monsters

12 Mar

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The Matt Hatter Chronicles is one of those off the radar cartoons that can be hard to find on network television. Episodes are better off watched online, from the official website, than searched for on late-night television. When its intended market is the UK, interest elsewhere is limited to filling a dead zone on television. Some people may well wonder how this series have managed to carry on, developing into three seasons.

The animation is very basic, like it’s hardly evolved from the style developed by Rainmaker Entertainment when they made Reboot, and the story has a very formulaic approach.

Despite that being said, there are various aspects of this production that’s appreciable. There’s a camaraderie that can be seen developing as the series progresses. Matt Hatter (voiced by Tommy Campbell) is an adventurous and high-spirited boy who is out on a a noble quest to find his grandfather, Alfred Hatter, who is lost in a multiverse. He has to learn how to lead a small team of freedom fighters.

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