Knee-Deep in Winter Videogames Set in the Snow

Knee deep with a look back at the best Winter videogames with snow as a major theme!

By Shawn Trommeshauser
(Dreaming in Digital)

Snow and ice in videogames is often considered to be a nuisance. Controlling your character gets harder as you loose traction. You might have to halt your adventure to find shelter and stay warm. Perhaps you’re lost in a blizzard and have to carefully navigate your way clear. But some games want to play in the snow. They’re offering pristine worlds of snow and ice to frolic in. Here are five examples of winter gaming that you might enjoy checking out!

Videogames Silent Hill Still

Silent Hill 

The original PlayStation horror classic is bursting with many things, though holiday cheer is not one of them.

The town of Silent Hill is shrouded in perpetual fog and snow falling out of season. This seemingly empty mountain town is where you have to search for your daughter who went missing after a car accident. Just hope nothing else finds her, or you, first.

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