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Inside Tomica 2013

19 Aug

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Tomica is a line of die-cast & model vehicles produced by Takara Tomy Company of Japan. Every year in August they produce a show for families to view moving displays and to see and purchase the latest Tomica vehicles all while being entertained by games and live entertainment.

Tomica 2013 was held this year (as it was last year) at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Chiba. From September 19 – 22 of this year, Makuhari will become the host of the Tokyo Game Show 2013. TGS 2013 will showcase the world’s best and most exciting in computer entertainment.

This video was provided by Youtube user Freshorei.

Transforming Transformers, for Real!

21 Jun

By Ed Sum

k bigpic

Takara Tomy’s toy line may well get more than just a reinventing of the wheel. Their next line of products may soon transform if the videos from the Tokyo Toy Show 2013 are any indication. In prototype form is a Transformers vehicle that’s capable of morphing from car to humanoid robot form, and no doubt vice versa. All of this can be currently powered by an iPhone.

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More Transforming Goodness

10 Jun

By James Robert Shaw

Three Transformers will be appearing courtesy of Takara Tomy. It is all part of their new Transformers Go! Ninja Combiner team. Transformers Go! is a Japanese extension of the American Transformers: Prime/ Beast Hunters series. The upcoming releases consist of Sensuimaru (shark), Gekisomaru (lion) and Hishomaru (phoenix).

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