Rama Rau’s Coven Boldy Demystifies What Being a Witch is About!

This documentary seeks to demystify the occult side of what Witchcraft is truly about. And in Coven, Rama Rau takes a look from the perspective of three ladies living an independent life in Toronto.

Rama Rau's Documentary CovenHot Docs Canadian International
Documentary Festival (Apr 28 & May

In entertainment, witches often get a bad reputation, and it is up to filmmakers like Rama Rau to present the correct facts. Her excellent documentary, simply titled Coven, presents a side of the craft which is not altogether strange. It’s mostly about community and reverence to the old ways before the coming of organised religion. But even then, those new ways of worship isn’t always a factor. What we see here is what it means to not only be an individual, but also become part of a commune.

That alone makes this cinematic study worthy of an award. One detail that’s understated is the rule of three. In this work, the lives of three women are examined. It’s not a reference to the Wayward Sisters from Shakespeare’s play and nor are they representative of the norns of lore. All they are women seeking to understand their past life, present state of affairs and future with this craft without prejudice.

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