Radio Apocalypse #1 Delayed Till Oct 2021

The wait may be hard for some, but for those anxious to know a bit more, a synopsis for issue #1 is…

afa82f31 5a98 4e2c 9d09 0bbe9bfaca38Today Vault Comics announced that, due to Covid-related delays, the release of Radio Apocalypse #1 has been pushed back to October 2021.

“Anyone who has read Ram and Anand’s other work knows just how exceptional their creative efforts truly are,” said Vault Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Adrian Wassel. “Covid has thrown a wrench into every aspect of our lives, and yet somehow we’ve all learned to keep moving forward. Still, the last thing we want to do is rush what will be a singular and masterful series, and so we’ve decided to hold the Radio Apocalypse release just a bit longer. I promise, it’s worth it.”

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