An Interview with Nevin Arnold on Monsterella and Crowdsourcing

null 4By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Supporting locally made comics is a passion for some, and to have a ringleader in charge helps wrangle everyone together. Nevin Arnold’s love for anthology works and comics started at a very young age. His career in illustration led him to draw for Americanime Productions with “Honor of the Damned.” To have works published in Joe Shuster and Gene Day’s award winning work Epic Canadiana #2 with “Ghost-Woman” speaks for itself. This eventually led him to develop his own brand of comics.

Readers of Calvarera the Undead will be thrilled to see him as the brains behind Monsterella under the Hangman Comics banner. Chatting with him was an absolute pleasure, and I had to ask:

So what led you to the realm of all things dark, morbid and disturbing with the horror genre?

I remember spending my allowance renting old beta/vhs horror and science fiction movies, werewolves, vampires, aliens, and lots and lots of Godzilla. I’d buy from everywhere! Monsters were not only fun to draw, they made every story better. I guess Elvira (she was my first love) introduced me to a world beyond Saturday morning cartoons and I just never came back!

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