What’s (Sadly Not) Happening with Sazan Eyes?

The supernatural is wonderfully represented in Yuzo Takada’s Sazan Eyes; it is exotic and steep in Tibetan lore.

Sazan Eyes

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Late last year, King Records teased at a new Sazan Eyes in the single by voice actress and singer Megumi Hayashibara. The song “Samhāra ~Sei Naru Chikara~” (Samhāra ~Holy Power~) released with very little fanfare September 2015, and Anime News Network (ANN) reported that it was going to be used for a new 3×3 Eyes anime rumoured to be under development. Footage from the original OVAs was used and since then, no further reports have been brought forth about this series’ status. A year is coming close to pass and I want to know what’s happening!

I love this world created by Yuzo Takada. The supernatural is wonderfully represented; it is exotic and steep in Tibetan lore. The politics which goes on between the ladies and lords made me a huge fan. With these powerful immortals running around Earth, the world is not going to remain safe. However, with a helpless human Yakumo turned zombie warrior, the last remaining Sanjiyan Unkara (a powerful mystic), Pai, might find peace if only other magical entities were not chasing after her.

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