From Legends Comic Book Catacombs #Unboxing the 80’s

Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

There’s plenty of mystery boxes to subscribe to and when my home museum of pop culture has grown to proportions beyond the capacity to display, much less to eventually read or look at, to consider getting random stuff delivered to me needs to have a schtick I really like.

In the case of what local comic book store, Legends Comics & Books, offers — each box is unique. The only similarity is in the categories, but not the same item is seen multiple times in different orders. When I’ve known about the type of products once sold at this store, there’s a chance I might get an item I’ve been meaning to purchase but never could because of either the price or finally having the money to buy — only to find it unavailable.  When they announced a new business venture on Facebook, well …

In the world of comics, to buy a mystery box is tough. I do not want the stuff from Marvel or DC. When both companies are flooding the world with their product on television and film, I don’t need to be a walking billboard for them. I do not want another T-shirt. I want stuff from the era I grew up with, the 80’s. To support local is my mantra, and I believe most of the boxes delivered in the past few days were hand delivered. A few went out by mail and the rest (the option exists) can be picked up at the store.

Presented is Otaku no Culture’s first mystery box unravelling! (best viewed at 1080p to read the text)

To order one of these bad boys, here are the links to directly order and pay. I’m not certain if Gareth Gaudin will set up a proper webpage for ordering. When the warehouses are clear, so will this offer. So get ’em while they are hot. Locally, people are loving the idea, and they make great Christmas gifts.

Five levels to choose from:

1) THE HAUNTING: A year’s subscription. You’ll receive a box each month for 12 months. $360.00 CAD in total.

2) THE TOMB: All Ages, kid-friendly… A sampler of our vintage collections. $20.00 per month for six months of mail. $120.00 CAD in total.

3) THE GRAVE ROBBER: A one-time purchase. $20.00 CAD gets you some very exciting mail. You will be amazed. 

4) THE UNEARTHED: A One-Time mail extravaganza. How much can we fit in a box? More than what your $50.00 CAD should reasonably expect!

5) THE COFFIN: The big time. $100.00 CAD. One-Time Mailing of our most cherished belongings. You’ll want to film yourself opening this one.

2019 Update
Paypal links are now removed as this article is “archived.”

[Victoria, BC] The Perogy Cat Gets a Hangin’ Art Show

15036379_10153897397401300_9073716455813381903_nBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The Perogy Cat is a fixture in Victoria, BC and this comic book character is going to be roasted, no “hanged” at Trounce Alley Gallery come November 23rd. This art show starts at 5pm and will feature pieces from her 14 year history with artist Gareth K. Gaudin present. Many original pieces of his work will become available for sale for the first time. Ever since she came into being 2003, her popularity has only grown. Gaudin created this character as a way to help raise money for his girlfriend’s diabetic cat’s insulin, and for reasons unexplained, the popularity only skyrocketed.

This cat has appeared in many comic strips, sandwich boards (Walk by Street Level Espresso on 714 Fort Street, and you’ll spot her), books, videos and art projects. Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson (to which she has a crush on) composed a single (available in vinyl) dedicated to this cat, and what’s next is anybody’s guess. Maybe we can see a cartoon? The Perogy Cat frequents Legends Comics & Books, and if you can’t make it to this show, you can see her antics at the store and at (when it’s back online, the website is currently down at time of writing).

Photos from the Exhibit:

img_20161123_175729581 img_20161123_175006828 img_20161123_175016655


A Run to Downtown Victoria for Free Comic Book Day! So Where’s Cthulhu?

FCBD16-15yrsFree Comic Book Day is an annual ritual event for me to attend. With it operating for 15 years, that’s an impressive milestone to promote literacy and a love for the medium. Without it, I would not have discovered some great wonderous pieces of work like Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and David Petersen’s Mouse Guard. Although these stories are relegated to a single book edition of Boom! Studios Summer Blast, should I be disappointed?

When each comic store I hit limits the number of books I’m allowed to grab, I had to choose wisely. Although an original story was offered, sadly (and I hope to find it as leftovers when I head to town the next day) it had to be missed. The previous years were great when there was an issue dedicated to Mouse Guard. One of the reasons why I’m attracted to this series is the gorgeous art! Plus, the creator is a regular at Emerald City Comicon!

STK699198-600x837I was eager for this year’s event and did not even sleep since I wanted to grab Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom before this title disappeared. I’m eagerly waiting for Shout! Factory to release the animated movie. The comic book has been out for some time, but I somehow missed hearing about it.

When the stores here in Victoria, BC do not carry every title available, it’s easy to miss the odd gem. While I try to scan Diamond Press’ Previews advance order catalogue for the titles that I find exciting, just how I missed this title is still a mystery. I was busy in my final year in college at the time, so that may be the reason. Or, perhaps the stars were not right.

I arrived at Curious Comics, Legends Comics & Books and Yellowjacket Comics & Toys a few minutes before they opened and had my face pasted against the window to peer at what titles were brought in. I figured out what titles I wanted to grab the most. As I left one store, I saw Captain America (from Superheroes of Victoria) just standing around, in front of the Curious, posing for kids and adults who wanted a photo. To see him appear is to no doubt make folks aware that the movie, Captain America: Civil War, is here. With the Greater Victoria Public Library also joining in the fun a few blocks away (only the central branch participates), up to sixteen books can be obtained.

With 50 comics to choose from, the decision-making can be tough. The stores here bring in at least two-thirds of the entire run (by my count). A few titles might be harder to obtain. Of course, the selection depends on how much money the establishments are willing to spend to bring these free products in.


In what I grabbed this year was the Dark Horse sampler, which included Legend of Korra. I’m guessing they will be presenting all new stories in this latest chapter of the Last Avatar series very soon. With this book containing this company’s take on expanding the How to Train Your Dragon series, I was more than hopping with excitement! Other titles that caught my eye were DC Super Hero Girls, Lady Mechanika, The Phantom 80th Anniversary, ROM the Spaceknight and The Tick. I could have filled my quota, and I’m not greedy.

Unlike certain sampler comics, not everything is meant to be collectable. On eBay, which is a rough gauge on collectability, I’ve noticed a few titles since this programme’s inception supposedly grow in value. However, I think the idea of getting titles that are free to sell online is ridiculous. On eBay, a few folks are capitalising on offering complete sets at a cost! In a hobby such as this one, I’m just in it to enjoy reading and forget about profiteering. You can’t buy a new car with the selling of modern titles. The scarcer golden age comics (published 1959 or before), however, is a different matter.

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