Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon Finds Its Way to North America!

A world of adventure awaits you in Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon, the tale of a young girl determined to save her home in the deepest jungle of the rainforest.

Ainbo: Spirit of the AmazonRelease Date: Nov 29, 2022 by Shout! Factory
Movie review can be read here.

At long last, this holiday season, families and world travellers can play with Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon! This film embarked on quite the world tour since initially releasing to the Ukraine back in 2021, but after that, its subsequent releases was country to country, including a stint in Canada back in February of 2022, before finally arriving in Shout! Factory’s hands for a proper multi-release in theatres, home-video and VOD.

Based on a story by award-winning filmmaker José Zelada (Kayara, Searching for Hearts), Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon is an inspiring fantasy movie adventure of a young heroine and her thrilling journey to save the endangered Amazon rainforest, with or without the princess. Directed by Zelada and Richard Claus (The Little Vampire and The Thief Lord) with a Peruvian-Dutch co-production among Tunche Films (Lima) and Cool Beans (Amsterdam), Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon is a strikingly visual and colourful animated movie bolstered by vibrant storytelling, a strong young female lead character, fascinating folklores, and the relevant theme of deforestation and environmental conservation.

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[Victoria Film Festival ’15] Examining the Folklore behind Song of the Sea

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


11am Feb 9
The Vic Theatre
Victoria, BC

3pm Feb 14
Star Cinema
Sidney, BC

With only a trailer to go by, this animation by the production house Cartoon Saloon, who produced Secret of Kells, will go far. It’s a guaranteed winner for its cultural aesthetic and expansion of a traditional mythic tradition about the Selkie, supernatural creatures found in Irish and Scottish folklore. They can transform from seal to human and vice versa. These beings are well-known to those living in the Orkney Islands, and their proliferation into Celtic popular culture can be found in many a piece of literature or found featured in a play.

On an island located west of Canada, there’s some Scottish tradition to be found. Some audiences may have been introduced to the lore about the Selkie during last year’s Victoria Fringe Festival by Voice Box Theatre Company’s low-budget Cirque du Soleil style performance, “Selkie Tales.” To have a follow-up of sorts as part of this year’s Victoria Film Festival’s Family Day Program is a blessing of the faeries.

To understand what these supernatural sea-faring folk are about means delving into what little documentation there is. In the surviving folklore, there is no agreement as to how often the selkie-folk were able to carry out the transformation. Some tales say it was once a year, usually Midsummer’s Eve, while others state it could be “every ninth night” or “every seventh stream.” (1)

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