Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Breeds Familiarity Than Be Cutting Edge

Edgerunners gets better by episode four, where we see Dave firmly establish himself with a gang of edgerunners, led by Maine. This team of four–which includes Pilar, Rebecca, and Lucy–becomes five, and it’s a recipe for a cyber power ranger pack!

Cyberpunk 2077 EdgerunnersAvailable to View on Netflix

Japanese cyberpunk is different from its Western counterpart, and there are many beloved favourites. I first fell in love with Megazone 23 because of the music and my latest infatuation is with Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners. Both have excellent soundtracks. Plus, I’m fairly sure the latter shares other narrative beats with many classic series of yore.

Studio Trigger (Promare)’s ten episode series is well paced, and I like how it takes elements from Mike Pondsmith’s role playing-cum-video game, and go somewhere new with it. This IP was introduced back in the 90s as Cyberpunk 2023, and the numerical designation establishes the year that the world is at, like a living campaign. A lot has changed since, and one detail I’m glad that remained consistent is the colour palette used. That is, those particular shades of yellow and red we see are specific to this world.

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