Jelly Belly’s line of Harry Potter treats needs Magic to keep on Selling

Honeydukes™|Attractions|Universal Studios JapanBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Just whether or not Jelly Belly has cornered the market on Harry Potter themed candy treats is hardly a matter of debate. They don’t because not everything one can find from Honeyduke’s is offered. While they offer specific staples from the franchise, not everything is offered by this candy manufacturer. Visiting a certain retail outlet at Universal Studios Wizarding World’s will offer a lot more variety.

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Mass Marketing Minion-Mania is with Kinder Surprise!

despicable_me_2_minions-wideBy Ed Sum (The Minion Addict)

Unless you have been living under a rock or cave, the Minions are invading the planet! That is, from grocery to big box stores, there are more than toy products. While I was out shopping this past month, I saw General Mills Minions cereal, licensed boxers from Despicable Me 2 and Chinese knock-offs at the gift shop in Chinatown. These adorable yellow puff n’ stuffs might also be set to invade the television screen too. Well, if a series is in development, Illumination Entertainment is not telling but I will not be surprised. These single-celled organisms have one simple goal: serve someone evil and show they are not inept. There’s no better strategy than to appear anywhere so they tell everyone they are willing to help!

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Movies are NOT better with M&M’s

Written by Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

MandMsYes, I’m a sucker for free movie tickets, and whenever there’s a promotion in a cereal box or candy, I sometimes bite and buy the pre-requisite amount of boxes to qualify. Sadly, M&M’s (aka Mars Canada) made a huge gaffe. Not only are there plenty of reports from people not able to find the codes dating as far back as early July to enter (myself included), but when all three packages I bought did not have them, that’s problematical. I know I was not the only one hit. Also, the webpage where people have to submit the code to does not quite work.

The latter is easy to fix. People have to “like” M&M’s Facebook page in order for the proper web page to activate and the settings perhaps have to allow for Adobe Flash to work. Some tablet users will be out of luck unless they have the said plugin installed. But for the former, the complaints on Facebook are a mile long. It seems the factory where the candy is packaged has had more than a few malfunctions.

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