A Commentary on Justice League: Gods and Monsters

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Can creators Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm do no wrong in Justice League: Gods and Monsters? If you’ve loved their work in Batman: The Animated Series or Timm’s presence with continuations in a shared universe like Justice League in the late 90s, then just maybe. When this video release comes with a disclaimer that the story takes place in an alternate universe, I’m excited at what kind of re-imaginings of the holy trinity of DC’s main heroes (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) that Timm has in mind.

I decided to purchase the steel book release that comes with an action figure of Wonder Woman as a New God, The sculpt is quite good for a mass market item, and the bonus material is worth watching first, especially the short, New Gods. Watching this first helps gets fans up to speed to this part of the DC universe that draws heavily on mythology before catching the main feature. It helps flesh out the world that the writing team will no doubt go back to look at. But before I could watch the main movie, I had to check out the sneak peek at the next DCU movie, Batman: Bad Blood.

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Superman Celebrates 75 Years With Special Treats This Month

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Geek)


I have to say this, but Superman is a partially Canadian invention, and he’s being honoured with several 75th anniversary commemorative coins by the Royal Canadian Mint this year.

Cleveland born Jerry Siegel and Toronto born Joe Shuster created this iconic character, and their simple ideals were at the forefront of what the Golden Age character was like. Superman’s ideals hardly ever changed in comic-book land. While the films took on a different front, that’s hardly the point of what I found great about this superhero. He’ll always be the ideal boy scout. This hero is supposed to represent the best of what the United States of America should be like. And I’ll leave the commentary about current political climate out of this exposition.

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