You Beta Believe It — Interview with Nicholas Gyeney, Seattle Filmmaker on Upcoming Films

HkqH1L8F-300x300By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Nicholas Gyeney is an independent filmmaker based out of Seattle, Washington and his upcoming film, Beta Test, will definitely break one cinematic record that I’ve seen and am excited for. It will feature a really long continuous shot of well-coordinated fight scene! Getting a film noticed in the sea of summer blockbuster material is tough, and I feel this director succeeded.

His past works include The Penitent Man (2010) with Lance Henriksen in an important role, and Matt’s Choice (2013), starring Edward Furlong, Lee Majors and Margot Kidder. In my interview with him, he revealed that he creates the characters with specific performers in mind, and that alone has me interested in seeking out his earlier material to check out. After seeing his latest movie, I found myself appreciating Manu Bennett (Arrow) and Larenz Tate’s (Crash) talents more. A review can be found on this website titled, “Playing Video Games Can Be Dangerous in the Film, ‘Beta Test'”

This movie is set to debut in select theatres across the USA on July 22nd (see below for listings) and it will arrive on VOD the following month at outlets like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon. I have to thank Gyeney for taking the time to answer my questions.

ES: Can you please introduce yourself to readers unfamiliar with your movies?

NG: I fell in love with film at a young age. Dad introduced me to it all. He died when I was 12. It changed my life. I discovered filmmaking when I realized the impact movies had on my ability to get through losing my father. I decided to work towards creating films that could return the favor.

ES: How did the story come about?

NG: It was born out of a desire to make an indie action film that injected, hopefully, a bit more class into the indie action sub-genre. Most of the films we see in this market are plagued by sloppy production values from the top down. I wanted something to help change the conversation. A movie that says, just because we are small, doesn’t mean we have to be bad. With that said,  I knew I had to come up with some sort of spectacle that could sell the film, which is where the idea for the longest single-take fight sequence was born.

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Playing Video Games Can Be Dangerously Real in the Film “Beta Test”


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Beta Test is an upcoming independent movie scheduled for cinematic release July 22nd and it shows how dangerous augmented reality can be. When champion gamer Max (Larenz Tate, House of Lies) is given a new video game by his employer / benefactor (a company known as Sentinel) to test, very little does he know that he’s controlling another individual to commit crimes in the real-world? Somehow, he must discover how to free Orson Creed (Manu Bennett, CW’s Arrow) from mind control in order to unravel a greater conspiracy. In what the two discover is a bigger game of cat and mouse neither are prepared for.

Both have different stakes. Creed’s wife is kidnapped and unless he complies, she will die. Max has social issues. Ever since his beloved pet died, he’s led a sheltered life. This film has some good depth in the development of its characters. For once, Bennett gets to play a good guy and I liked hearing him wax poetic about how nobody has the right to play god. After all, aren’t we living in The Matrix?

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