On the Trail of Bigfoot: Land of the Missing and More Alaskan Mysteries

Some say Alaska is the Last Frontier, and in On the Trail of Bigfoot: Land of the Missing, perhaps that saying is taken for granted in the lastest look at Small Town Monsters.

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Seth Breedlove is back with another episode of Small Town Monsters! This time, both he and his team of cameramen are ready to search the Great Alaskan frontier for people willing to talk about the Sasquatch. Like previous instalments, On the Trail of Bigfoot: Land of the Missing, the focus is on conversing with folks with firsthand experiences.

This latest is no different in style. This episode has this filmmaker right in the action, but this time he’s rented a cabin in the woods for his team to get an authentic experience. Afterwards, they have gone searching for the elusive creature, and found people we haven’t seen before to give their stories. As the title implies, Missing persons is the primary focus here.

The native lore about the Squatch is second. According to legend, the noises one hears in the middle of nowhere are best left ignored. To investigate those children’s cries emerging from the forest may well spell doom! About half the tales are familiar. I’ve known about the most famous cases because they’ve been recounted in The Alaska Triangle, and as for what’s different is that we get that local connection, new stories, and some discussion about what happened to Nathan Campbell! This missing person’s case is hardly mentioned at all in other works, and I’m glad to learn something about it.

On the Trail of Bigfoot Land of the Missing Picture Still 2Sasquatch researcher Michael Thomson has his theories, but to get to the truth really means one day finding a tribe who’s willing to let humanity study them. Also, he believes other breeds live in this State too.

In contrast, other researchers say there’s no community, and other types live here too. There’s a smaller version who leap from treetop to treetop and spy on humanity. As for why they behave like that, nobody knows. They’re more like traditional tricksters of indigenous lore, and just why they haven’t been given a name, I’m wondering why. Although Breedlove doesn’t suggest a UFO connection, some mention is made.

Also, it’s about time, The Black Pyramid gets some added investigation. In On the Trail of Bigfoot: Land of the Missing, what I’ve learned is that there’s more than me curious about why it exists. Anyone who dare search for it has gone missing, lost somewhere in Denali National Park. But for residents living nearby, not everyone feels safe. While some people choose to remain because there’s nowhere else to go, others have simply fled.

As for who took them, Bigfoot is more often to blame than visiting UAP or black ops. Alaska is home to a lot of military. While some bases are still active and others abandoned, there may well be secret ones too. Just why they continue the operation is certainly top secret.

On the Trail of Bigfoot Land of the Missing Picture Still 1I’m glad Breedlove covers all the possibilities to help explain why people disappear. And while he doesn’t accuse any entity of wrongdoing, just how his documentary offers possibilities is water cooler talk for those who love digging into Missing Persons cases.

As for my theory about them being genetically enhanced super soldiers created by some government, we still don’t know! I surmise that what these witnesses saw in closeup are indeed them, and in order to prevent them from talking, perhaps that’s why these folks went missing! I know my idea is farfetched, but we must entertain possibilities, right?

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