From Crown of Babylon to (How) The World’s Divide is Exceeding CloudRise Picture’s Expectations!

Denver Jackson’s next film is The World’s Divide and he’s asking for your help to help bring into to full production.

The World's DivideThe World’s Divide (Kickstarter Page)

From a graphic novel to film, Esluna became a world that’s very personal for creator and visionary, Denver Jackson, to weave his creativity into. After writing and illustrating the book which started it all, this self-taught filmmaker decided it must be turned into a movie. Crown of Babylon is about Caz and Maeve searching for the said item. I also interviewed him in the past about this work, and that can be read here.

Next was The First Monolith, which sees Maeve return and be involved in a mission to stop an ancient artefact from activating. There’s more character development concerning this young lady and a little robot. This is available to view on YouTube. It also introduces Queen Leda, and I’m betting she’s also the antagonist (even though she’s not directly named) in this latest production, The World’s Divide, which takes place 50 years later, and involving her children.

The World's Divide Concept Movie PosterAccording to the official Kickstarter synopsis:

The Worlds Divide is an action-packed, sci-fi film set in two worlds. One, a dystopian cyberpunk future and the other, the lush fantasy world of Esluna. The adventure story features a girl named Natomi who is sent to the world of Esluna, where she and her newfound friends try to navigate this new world in attempts to get to her father, a god of this world, before she is hunted and killed by the ruthless queen. 

Anyone who followed Jackson’s past series and loved it made their voice heard with his latest crowdfunder. Although these tales aren’t unified by narrative, the steampunk world it’s set in is vast. Many RPG type scenarios can be developed should this creator publish his bible. The details he’s put into this world is huge!

Based on the current totals, a fair number of people are supporting this endevour! The funds gained so far have exceeded this filmmaker and his team’s expectations; the love for independent animated cinema has them happy.

A week remains to help out, and hopefully it’ll break into the next stretch goal so albums and books can be made.

The money will also go into hiring new actors and returning ones to provide voices to ensure consistency as needed. Also required are paying a foley artist to craft some sonic magic, and hiring musicians to play the compositions. Anyone curious about his work day can see this video:

Although access to the finished product seems limited, that’s likely to change when Jackson budgets the kickstarter money so he can also submit it to various film festivals worldwide. Provided that this film gets finished on time, expected Dec 2023, it may head to Fantasia Film Festival in 2024. Although seeing those screenings are nice, it’s not the same as seeing your name as part of that thank you list on the end of the credits.

As for whether there’ll be more in the future, that’s up to Jackson to decide. 

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