Wang Yibo’s Next Film Born to Fly is Scheduled to Land in America This Month!

We have updates in when Born to Fly (also known as King of the Sky) will make a globetrotting flight to cinema near you!

Born to Fly Promo ImageHopefully the announcement made on April 1st is no joke. Well GO USA announced on Twitter when Wang Yibo’s next film, Born to Fly (长空之王), will land in America and it is April 28, 2023. This date includes when it’ll debut in Mainland China too.

Wang Yibo is at the heart of why fans worldwide are giddy. For for what we are excited for, hopefully the delay to improve the CGI will be worth it! This movie was supposed to be delivered last year, but was pulled after test screenings showed not everyone was pleased with the digital effects work done. Those people argued this film was not on par with what Hollywood can do. Now that it’s ready, it can embark on a global release.

We will update as soon as Well GO USA also adds this release to their official webpage and has further information.

Born to Fly Movie Trailer

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