Hungry for Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire to be Fully Unleashed!

It’s a dry and desolate place, and I can feel for Voltaire trying to get by without assistance.

Voltaire: The Vegan VampireFull Release Feb 27, 2023
Steam Demo Available

Freedom Game‘s Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is not an easy game to play in its current beta. This action-farming rogue-like brings requires searching for items to level up fast (for those power-ups), planning to survive the night and strategy if you’re to battle the midnight infestations. As a vampire who subsists on veggies, trying to deal with creatures attacking your harvest is the biggest threat! Out of all the games I’ve looked at this month, this game is one I’m regularly returning to the most.

What’s offered is challenging without feeling repetitve. Apparently, this character is the son of the famous Dracula. Who knows what happened to his (this game is non canon) servants. You’d think they are around to assist.

Like Don’t Starve, the concept is to survive each day while searching the neighbourhood for resources. Although the art styles between the two are different, it’s safe to say this work is inspired by and takes it into a different world that’s even more challenging!


As for whether the fog of war is on purpose to limit the world, I’m fairly sure leaving the homestead is a bad idea! Thankfully, the flora and fauna nearby has everything needed to survive. It’s a dry and desolate place, and I can feel for Voltaire trying to get by without assistance. The raven does bring words of inspiration, and this detail helps give this game a soft narrative to stay inspired.

He’ll have to shake everything to find items to grow the farm, and a lot of goods are needed if it’s to be sustainable. Sadly, walking over these item drops doesn’t mean you have it. An extra keypress is needed, and I wished this gameplay element wasn’t required. The animated water droplets are spry, so players have to chase after them to get them, because they’re vital to growing any farm. You can find supplies to build a well by dusting the nearby plots. A lot of stuff is not easy to spot.

When the game strikes midnight, the style of gameplay changes! Here, you’ll have to defend your farm from all kinds of invaders. In the early efforts, I really didn’t know what I was doing, but they are defeatable assuming you fed Voltaire well. I believe that’s key to defeating these little ghosts and goblins, because they come at you fast and furiously! Without those power ups, destroying them can be difficult.

Overall, here you’re taking joy in helping this child vampire grow up. Who doesn’t vant to play him? When compared to other characts in this subgenre, I’m sure Voltaire and Joann Sfar’s Little Vampire (movie review link) would get along.

Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire Trailer

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