Want A Bloody Valentine? Vampus Horror Tales Are Here!

I wouldn’t call these tales presented in Vampus Horror Tales exceptional, but they do poke at what makes this upcoming day uniquely red.


Although Mr. Fettes (Saturnino García) is not a household name, I’m sure Latino fandom will love him! He’s not like Narciso Ibañez Serrador yet, but I’m sure the movie Vampus Horror Tales will help this gravedigger get some recognition. This actor gives his all to the role, and honestly, I loved these interludes a lot more.

This modestly budgeted horror anthology features other strange pathos going on, but to show why this cemetery custodian is tops, we have to wait to witness how he introduces each tale by the stroke of his own hand.

The short films by Victor Matellano, Isaac Berrocal, Manuel Martínez Velasco, Piter Moreira and Erika Elizalde are good. I wouldn’t call these tales exceptional, but they do poke at what makes this upcoming day uniquely red. Regarding what makes this collection unusual is that the tales are often set on Halloween night instead of Valentine’s. Even the title of this anthology implies the latter. When I heard, “El amor no es fácil,” what that translates to is, “Love is difficult.” The presentation is scary but also funny.

What we get here is a mix of EC Comics’ supernatural flair and the spooky, delivered in Creepshow fashion. These filmmakers recognize what they’re doing, but unless you know what makes their work famous, some stories feel very hit-and-miss. I didn’t find the gold until mid-way. Here, we have five works, namely The Wedding, Second Appointment, Lineage, Happy Birthday and Vampus (as presented in that order).

Of course, my favourite is Vampus, since it’s about studying a vampire and what it takes for a guy to reunite with his family. The boy may well be a zombie if I’m reading the moment right. Love doesn’t always have to be about connecting with another lost soul. Instead, it’s about that bond that keeps people together that this grave keeper than cupid has to decide! It’s safe to spoil the fact he wields a different type of bow and heart-shaped arrow here. He uses a spade here.

3½ Stars out of 5

Vampus Horror Tales Trailer

Author: Ed Sum

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