Hot on the Trail of Bigfoot. Last Frontier Offers the Latest Theories on Wood

The latest documentary in the series, Small Town Wonders is The Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier. The people he talks to here in Alaska have some fascinating stories that any researcher will want to hear!

On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last FrontierRelease Date: Jan 17, 2023 on VOD
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On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier is Seth Breedlove‘s latest documentary under the label of Small Town Wonders. Where he heads to now is Alaska, and the people he talks have some fascinating stories that any researcher will want to hear! They hail from various towns that are strewn throughout the State, but as for whether we should believe them or not depends on wanting to believe. By my estimate, they’re just everyday folks and they have no reason to lie.

This filmmaker loves delving into urban myth, and I believe he’s far more genuine than those speciality network series. His work demonstrates he’s not approaching the subject with him in front of the lens all the time. What he discovers has an air of authenticity, and unlike his look into the legend of the Jersey Devil (review) and Rougarou, this one sees him a lot more invested in the subject. Like his past works where he’s on the trail of the elusive giant, his focus is on the west coast. These can be found on Tubi, and they tend to focus on the Pacific Northwest, and in this latest, he’s travelling north!

There’s a bit of faked still imagery used since there’s no material featuring the beast up close, and I’m glad he’s using it sparingly. Instead what we get are compelling audio evidence of the Sasquatch, as its known in Alaska. When compared to his other documentaries where he can get away with it, to fake too much sights would completely discredit him. For now, the best things any filmmaker can do is to photograph leftovers of where they either walked or made as a temporary habitat.

on the Trail of Bigfoot

What I find more compelling in this work is in how much closer Alaska is to nature. This state is just north from the province in which I live, and I’ve often thought about visiting to witness its glory. Not only is there the Northern Lights, but also many legends attached to the land. Much like the prior two works I’ve seen, its indigenous connection is expertly laid out so one can understand their relationship with the beast.

Also, equally interesting is why Denali National Park is considered a hotspot, and that’s a detail I won’t spoil. As for what this filmmaker is filming for his next work, which is Beyond the Trail: Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch, I suspect what he’s aiming to trace are their migration paths. It’s about time someone is doing this! 

Expedition Bigfoot doesn’t really cut it in its attempt to use science and fuzzy logic to place the investigators right where they should be appearing. Plus, the people behave more like media personalities than those Breedlove has tracked down to interview. That is, there’s more of a grounded, anthropological and naturalist perspective in this work when compared to the other.

Plus, there’s some information that is completely new to me that these other shows have yet to touch on! When compared to Travel Channel’s Alaska Triangle, the fact Area A is a location that hasn’t been mentioned before has me very intrigued! The Kenai Peninsula is often mentioned in other programs, but to know why it’s a hotspot isn’t always fully explained. In what Cliff Barackman, Eli Watson and Norm Sollie offer, I feel like I’m there. The latter was a former National Park service worker, and if their stories aren’t enough to chill you to the bone, then I don’t know what will!

4 Stars out of 5

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