When Urban Myth Mixes Up Bloodlines in The Jersey Devil Curse….

While Bloodlines The Jersey Devil Curse focuses on just the Devil, I can’t help but wonder what other natural fauna lives here.

Bloodlines The Jersey Devil CurseFrom 1091 Pictures Beginning November 15

Bloodlines The Jersey Devil Curse gives us some updates on the latest sightings, but whether this creature is from folklore or something else, no one knows. This documentary excellently examines this urban legend throughout the ages.

In the 1800s, maybe it was just some animal no colonist recognised. The legend attached to its creation linked those early sightings to the Leeds family. But not everyone knew they were Quakers, and they were excommunicated due to what Daniel, the patriarch, believed and put in his almanacks. Cursing him did not morph him into the chimaera-like beast. Instead, just how this creature with the head of a horse, body of a kangaroo and wings of a bat came about is still a subject Cryptozoologists are debating over.

It’s difficult to say what happened in 1909, since this was when the bulk of the sightings came about. This documentary says the newspapers also made up stories to add to the paranoia. Seth Breedlove’s work is also smart to add to the discourse about humanity’s interest in side-show attractions, and that only added to making the urban legend larger than life. In what he includes are recreations of some of those early encounters, and they make for a good ghost story.

It’s tough to realise the Jersey Devil curse in true terrifying fashion since the money isn’t there. However, as long as viewers suspend disbelief, what’s presented works. Instead of giving us detailed shots, these shorts sometimes hide the beast in the shadows. These reenactments help reinforce what’s said by Eleanor Hasken-Wagner, Brian Regal and James Willis. These folklorists and historians recount what makes this urban legend unique. And hopefully, urban sprawl won’t ruin what Pine Barrens around New Jersey represents to the imagination.

Thankfully, these woods are unsuitable for building upon. But as for what other supernatural forces lurk here, I’ve done some research, and found the Black Doctor, the ghost of Captain Kidd, the Black Dog also lurk here. Also, the mysterious Blue Hole gets mention. It may be one of the Jersey Devil’s haunts. Many know this bottomless lake is dangerous, but yet some people visit it to enjoy its pristine waters in certain times of the year.

While this documentary focuses on just the Devil, I can’t help but wonder what other natural fauna lives here. Maybe there’s a giant bat living here. Until there are more documentaries than a one-off episode on Expedition X (where they try to disprove/prove the existence of the beast), we won’t know.

4 Stars out of 5

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