Can Goonya Monster Succeed With What’s Good From Its Predecessor?

Part of Goonya Monster’s odd ppeal includes making the player avatars frequently fall. This party video game is loose continuation of the Goonya Fighter franchise.

Goonya MonsterOn Steam, PlayStation 5
and Nintendo Switch

Goonya Monster is a party video game which is a loose continuation of the Goonya Fighter franchise. This series first debuted back in 2019 by Japanese developer Mutan, and I rather enjoyed that earlier release more. The mechanics are similar. And in what got me curious about this sequel is the paranormal theme. The idea of having to shoot possessed individuals to destroy in order to collect their spirit orbs to purify at what, I assume is the “Well of Souls,” seems like a good enough premise.

The co-op part means working with friends or the AI to continue gathering these balls, and beyond that, there are very little side scenarios to try out during my time with this product. Sadly, I got bored after a while. Also, players need to be subscribed to an online service on their respective console in order to participate. I suggest having the audio turned off, as portions of the dialogue get grating because of its repetitiveness. Goonyan is perhaps the most annoying because, well, he’s a cat who often finishes each line by saying, “Nyamo!”

As for what you can play are ghostbusters or the monster to stop them. I rather enjoyed being the threat than anything else. The character designs are just as strange like with the past game, and colour palette is aesthetically pleasing, but that isn’t enough to make up for what I thought was an odd experience.

Goonya Monster on Steam

Although the developers released an update for the game today, nothing I wished for all got fixed. Based on what I can find from actually playing than the update log, no new features are offered.

Part of the original game’s odd design appeal includes making the player avatars frequently fall. Although, it’s frustrating to whirl the joy cons (I played the Nintendo Switch version) until they finally hop on their feet, I can’t help but wonder if they were turtles in a former life. When I’m playing the enemy, even they manage to topple over, and sadly, any special ability that’s been powered up is lost. Both can be frustrating for the newcomer unfamiliar with this franchise.

As for finding fellow gamers to join in this trip through the unusual, I couldn’t find many people to form a big enough multiplayer crew. Not even my friends were interested when they saw the video demo. They all agreed that you have to spend money to upgrade your weapon. Hopefully another fix is coming so players can grind for in-game currency than spend actual dollars. Until then, this product just can’t stand its ground since money doesn’t grow on trees.

3 Stars out of 5

Goonya Monster Videogame Trailer

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