Disney’s Night at the Museum is when Kahmunrah Rises Again! Quick Thoughts Before the Premiere.

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again looks like it will deliver The Mummy 2001 animated series style shenanigans, and that’s enough to win me over!

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises AgainRelease Date:
Dec 9, 2022 on Disney Plus

Even though the transition of 20th Century Fox’s Night at the Museum franchise to a Disney animated work may sound like a bad idea, I’m rather glad it continues from where the trilogy left off. To say Kahmunrah Rises Again shows this film is picking up from where the second climaxed at. The trailer isn’t saying how it connects with the third movie. Had it have been, we would have Ahkmenrah involved in this narrative more.

From the press release, the people from the house of the mouse believe, “The Original Movie is about the mischief that takes place every night at the American Museum of Natural History when the sun goes down. Nick Daley’s summer gig as night watchman at the museum is a challenging job for a high school student, but he is following in his father’s footsteps and is determined not to let him down. Luckily, he is familiar with the museum’s ancient tablet that brings everything to life when the sun goes down and is happy to see his old friends, including Jedediah, Octavius, and Sacagawea, when he arrives. But when the maniacal ruler Kahmunrah escapes with plans to unlock the Egyptian underworld and free its Army of the Dead, it is up to Nick to stop the demented overlord and save the museum once and for all.”

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again looks like it will deliver The Mummy 2001 animated series style shenanigans, and that’s enough to win me over! That is, there’ll be some task regarding another ancient relic, finding more museum mannequins coming to life and perhaps introducing some mythical figure who will help stop Kahmunrah. The trailer suggests a lot of laugh out loud moments for kids watching, and for those who grew up with the live-action, perhaps see what father and son will have to do to thwart Kahmunrah’s new plans. I doubt this young man can do it alone.

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Sadly, this release is a movie than a series. My hope is that it can all be told as a singular product, and if it does well, maybe more animated films can be made. Ever since the transition of many other studio properties to the Mouse’s hands, this media giant has been pumping out continuations to a lot of franchises. Although Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild, Home Alone and Cheaper by the Dozen didn’t do as well since they were made out of respect to bring closure to some and lamentations to others, my hope is that this franchise has a new life (pardoning the pun).

Also, we may perhaps get better pulp action than in Strange Worlds (review coming soon). My only hope is that the familial aspects that made the films great don’t get lost in the translation.

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again Voice Credits:

This animated series features the voices of Joshua Bassett, Jamie Demetriou, Alice Isaaz, Gillian Jacobs, Joseph Kamal, Thomas Lennon, Zachary Levi, Akmal Saleh, Kieran Sequoia, Jack Whitehall, Bowen Yang, and Steve Zahn.

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