Freedom Games is Making Dark Deity Free this Weekend!

Dark Deity and it’s free for newcomers to download and play this weekend!

Dark Deity Dark Deity, the turn-based tactical RPG inspired by the genre’s classics from developer Sword and Axe and publisher Freedom Games, celebrates bringing its army count to more than 100,000 units sold across Nintendo Switch and PC versions. To commemorate the occasion, new recruits can join in by claiming a copy for free on Epic Game Store throughout this weekend. For a review of the game, please check out our review here.

As Shawn Trommeshauser wrote, “Despite its faults, I enjoyed the time I spent playing Dark Deity, and I saw a lot of potential in the game. It’s clear that the developers put some effort into sprucing up the presentation for the Switch, but for every step forward, there was an awkward step back. Given the choice, I would go back to the Steam version for the superior version for the cleaner visuals and mouse control. otherwise they’re completely on par. But if you’re looking for a light Fire Emblem style experience, especially on the go, Dark Deity on Switch might just scratch that itch.”

Here, players can embark on the critically-acclaimed turn-based journey across 28 different arenas. They’ll bond and battle alongside 30 memorable characters, forming both platonic and romantic relationships.

“We never would have believed that our first game would have sold over 10k copies, let alone more than 100k!” said Chip Moore, Game Director, Sword and Axe. “We are so grateful for every tweet, every review, and every stream.”

For more information on Dark Deity, please visit the official website and follow the team on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and search for #DarkDeity on social media.

Dark Deity Trailer

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