Capital City Comic Con 2022 Revealed: Pokémon and Star Trek to Headline.

This year, there seems to be more artists this year than ever before at Capital City Comic Con 2022. Most are local.

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Runs Sept 23 – 25, 2022
Victoria Conference Center & The Crystal Gardens
720 Douglas Street

his Fall, Capital City Comic Con 2022 is set to return to say the heat is still on in the Pacific Northwest. After three sizzling events (ECCC, RCCC and Pax) south of the border, the Downtown Victoria Business Association hopes fans far and wide will visit the Garden City and enjoy everything this event offers. After two years, the pandemic can’t put a halt to everything because people are scared of catching the covid-19 virus.

Reports are hinting at a huge Pokémon presence, with daily challenges and events for players of this seven-year-old game to enjoy. Sadly, Niantic won’t be involved, but the local community is. Facebook’s VanIsle Pokémon Go Syndicate will be running daily events for those still playing this mobile (and often non-augmented reality) game! Also, Vancouver’s Geekenders is coming to this event to present Nerdlesque: Pokemon A-Go-Go! This is a separately ticketed show available to non convention attendees, and it’s an adult show.

Also, role playing games, board games and your usual round of panels and special guests to talk about their continued work in the entertainment industry. This year’s round-up includes touring convention regulars and a full representation of comic book talents from the island. As a bonus in this updated article, we have dining guide posted on our sister blog, Two Hungry Blokes (link here)!

Capital City Comic Con 2022 Guest List

After Denise Crosby’s stint as Lt. Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation, she moved on to appear in other fond television programming. She had a recurring role on Showtime’s 2013 series Ray Donovan and managed to survive three episodes of the zombie apocalypse in AMC’s Walking Dead. (Sept 20 update: sadly, due to filming commitments, she’s no longer able to attend. Tim Russ will be appearing in her place, and any fan of iCarly or Star Trek: Voyager will recognise this name!)

Voyager's Garrett Wang Talks About His Star Trek Experience and Life Away From Hollywood - TREKNEWS.NET | Your daily dose of Star Trek news and opinion

Garrett Wang is returning to this show, and he’s no doubt going to emcee the main stage’s big discussions. He played Henry Kim, the Chief Operations Officer in Star Trek: Voyager, and it seems the actor has taken the role to the real world too since he loves being the moderator these days at the media conventions.

Next is “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. This former WWE wrestler is well known for carrying a 2×4 block of wood to the ring, and is most likely an inspiration in the design of the Pokémon, Timburr, who carries a huge piece of wood everywhere he goes.

And for fans of this animated series, Veronica Taylor aka Ash Ketchum of this mega franchise is back in the Pacific Northwest (she often appears at Fan Expo Vancouver and Emerald City Comic Con) to entertain fans and talk about her work. It’s sad she wasn’t asked to return to voicing this titular character, but to say she is the one and only and embraces this love is all she needs. And she’s also the voice of April in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon!

Felissa Rose - IMDb

Although not everyone knows the cult works of Felissa Rose Esposito (pictured right) and David Sheridan, they round out the celebrity list.

his year, there seems to be more artists this year than ever before at Capital City Comic Con 2022. Most are local and on this list are Cary Nord, Julien Pilon, John Gallagher, Kavita Maharaj, Sun Khamunaki, Marcelo Matere, Doug Savage, Andy Poon, Alex, Ken & Joan Steacy (a family of artists doing independent works), Dan Schoening and Janine Johnston.

Just like the big shows, this garden city event also has a cosplay contest, so for those wanting to find a costume or get a tip, a few talents are here to show off their best and perhaps judge too.

For a full list of guests in attendance with biographies, please visit the Capital City Comic Con 2022’s official webpage for or follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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