New Gods Yang Jian’s a Hit! So When Will It Arrive in America?

It’s tough to say New Gods Yang Jian will get a theatrical debut or if it’ll go to streaming.

New Gods Yang JianLight Chaser Animation has been busy and wasn’t resting during the pandemic. This studio released New Gods Yang Jian over the weekend, with terrific box office results. According to Variety, “New Gods Yang Jian earned 19.8 million (RMB134 million) on its debut between Friday and Sunday, according to data from consultancy Artisan Gateway.”

New Gods Yang Jian takes place in a different land, perhaps far away from where New Gods Nezha Reborn ends. My review can be read here. Instead of a completely historical story based on The Investiture of the Gods (Amazon USA link), this version takes place in a cyberpunk style world. The battle is not over. What Li Yunxiang (in Nezha Reborn) learns about his place in the universe is more than just a cycle of coincidences. His old enemies are hiding in newly reincarnated bodies, and the Dragon Clan is not ready to rest in peace.

The work shows how Yang Jian must lead the fight and instead of a completely modern tale, it’s looks like it’s all set in the past, and the spirits that have awakened aren’t happy. Between this latest trailer release and what’s shown in the past, there’s a lot of differences. The early version shows a comical tone, and this latest is all deathly serious.

New Gods Yang Jian First Trailer

Although this release comes late, in the second week of Hungry Ghost Month, perhaps there’s a story element that’s related to why this film is coming out now.

Also, this character is also known as Erlang Shen, and his prominence in Chinese pop culture ranges from monster hunter to god of justice.

An American release is coming. It’s tough to say where New Gods Yang Jian will play. It might get a theatrical debut or simply head to streaming. We at are hoping for the former, since a lot of these productions are wildly detailed, and no small screen will do.

New Gods Yang Jian Final Trailer

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