Ninjago Crystallized at Mid-Season, That Surprise Cliffhanger, and Broadcast News

I’m writing about this without reference to the new Ninjago Crystallized trailer that’s available regarding the last two-thirds of the season.

NinjagoThe latest episodes of Ninjago Crystallized are really about “The Fifth Villain” joining the Crystal Council and perhaps breaking them up before things get worse. After the team’s prison breakout and evasion of Hounddog McBrag, they’re not ready to take a breather just yet. The team is back together to figure out who this person is after some silly Fugi-Dove moments. This episode moves very quickly, and the best takeaway is in giving this comic villain a chance at redemption.

Perhaps he’ll turn his back on crime and become a hero for justice! It’s hard to fathom what goes on in his mind, but I’m loving this character even more.

The Mechanic is proving to be quite the troublemaker. He’s a lot more versatile than previously thought because we see just how skilled he is with fashioning tech. Like Doc Ock from Spider-Man, his spare limbs have a mind of their own, and the Ninjago team are ill prepared to deal with him.

Although they could catch him and tie him up, to say he “levelled up” goes beyond showing how he escapes! He indeed is the next to be recruited, and he’s no doubt thrilled to join “The Council of the Crystal King.”

Lloyd’s plans to masquerade as him and infiltrate the base is a bad idea. We see that the Vengestone is used for creating a new Terracotta Army, but instead of clay, they are made of Vengestone. As for whether they’ll be animated by magic or something else will require waiting for the release of new Ninjago Crystallized episodes.

Crystal King

It seems like The King will stop at nothing to prevent the Ninjago team from winning. He’s relying on some new black magic, and as for who he is, the new trailer (see below) reveals too much. The obligatory spoiler warning must be said for those who don’t want to know too much, and in next week’s article, I will break down those moments.

The reason for using this resource suggests that this new threat doesn’t want the Elemental Alliance to reunite. They were formed to protect the world from the Serpentine’s attacks. And although the team parted ways after the Serpentine War and Tournament of Elements, they’ll be back.

It’s safe to say the old masters will appear again for one more fight. They may well be called in to help, since The Crystal King is a formidable foe. But in what’s worse is the return of an old foe. As for whether or not Harumi is back from the dead or is just a projection, I’m thinking the former makes sense. The King found her. Not only did he help bring her back from the Departed Realm but also fostered her new aggression and desire for revenge. However, I’m still hopeful Aspheera can turn around as I’ve said in my previous commentary.

I’m writing about this without reference to the new Ninjago Crystallized trailer that’s available regarding the last two-thirds of the season. We are barely at the point of the show and if this season is indeed 30 episodes, then we’re in for quite the finale, assuming they’re not being released in batches of about a dozen episodes per broadcast run. Sadly, a scan of the Teletoon schedule shows they don’t have first broadcast rights, which is disappointing.

During San Diego Comic Con, The LEGO Company announced that this season will be released in its entirety early October on Netflix. The wait won’t be long. We might get a surprise broadcast from Cartoon Network/Teletoon, but I feel that’s very unlikely.

Besides this news, the panel hinted at the future for the Ninjago franchise. It sounds like there’ll be a new team and that’ll be a blow to fans who have enjoyed following the antics of Lloyd, Nya, Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane. I hope that they’ll at least be supporting characters instead of being retired.

Ninjago Crystallized Part Two Trailer

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